E2E: 3.x: Search & Registration: Start Visit

Hi everyone, I’ll be working on the issue Search & Registration: Start Visit and I’ll be using this thread to keep everything up to date regarding my task.

Thank you


Well done on this @kumuditha , is this different from the workflow here cc @jayasanka


Thanks for starting this thread, @kumuditha !

@sharif , it’s on the same workflow. Just starting a visit after creating a patient as described in 3.0 RefApp Workflow Cases

@kumuditha Let’s keep only the happy path and remove the rest as the current implementation is too generic. It makes things more complicated.


Great to see @jayasanka contributing to QA Team beyond GSoC and now mentoring new contributors through the ongoing Sprint. Glad to learn how you make things done. Keep up the spirit of automation :fireworks:


Thanks. Daud! :hugs:

Hi all, I got an error while working on E2E: 3. x: Search & Registration: Start Visit. I’ve created a ticket under microfrontends project regarding the error. MF-867.

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