E2E: 3.x: Vitals and Triage

Hi guys, I’ve been assigned to work on RATEST-217. I will use this thread to keep you updated on my progress and to ask my questions.

I’m having an issue following steps after loading the patient page. Can someone help me to locate that view? @jayasanka @sharif

Thank you.

This is the form right? @jayasanka @sharif

Yes @anjisvj but the steps you mentioned in the thread is a bit different from the test plan.

Correct steps are:

  • Search for a patient using a name or unique identifier (e.g. John Wilson)
  • Select the patient that matches the search criteria.
  • Update the demographics: Update the address
  • Check in the patient for a visit by starting a visit.
  • The user proceeds to record the patient’s vitals via the capture vitals app.
  • Abnormal vital signs should show up as red/highlighted.
  • Vitals should display below the patient header in the yellow sub-header after being entered.
  • Submit the form and verify that the results appear in the expected table

But let’s skip the first two steps. Instead of searching for a patient, let’s create a patient using the API and directly visit the patient chart page. Please refer to the clinical visit workflow. We need to do the same here.

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Here’s the draft PR: