Developers Forum 2017-04-06 - Cancelled

Reminder that the developers forum for this Thursday has been cancelled. Here are topics for the coming weeks:

  • 06 - Cancelled
  • 13 - Cancelled
  • 20 - OpenHIE Demo Update @rcrichton

Ending a decade-long tradition…

Due to waning interest & attendance in Developer Forums (with increased discussion on Talk), we are debating whether to continue having real-time developer forums. Current consensus is to either stop having them, have them only as-needed, or to reduce to monthly forums.

If you have an opinion, please join the conversation in this thread.

It may be a good idea to have them only as needed, which will help ensure participation when they are held.

I don’t know how many others use the OpenMRS Community Meetings Google Calendar, but I would find it helpful if the meetings that are cancelled could be deleted from the calendar, and the topic added for those meetings that are going to happen.