Topics for OpenMRS Developers Forum - 2017 Q2

Each Thursday, the OpenMRS Developer Community has a Developers Forum, where anyone interested in OpenMRS development can join to discuss and share ideas. The topics discussed are driven by the participants of the forum. Several times a year, we will have a “Topic Fest” within the forum to decide on candidate topics to discuss over the next few months. While the ideas in the Topic Fest help create a straw man agenda for the weekly forums, we are always open to adjusting the topics to meet community needs. You can see upcoming topics here.

What would you like to talk about, hear more about, or discuss with others involved in OpenMRS Development? Topics can run anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the need.

Anyone involved in OpenMRS development, this is your forum. You get to drive the agenda. If you have suggestions for agenda topics for the Developers Forum, join the forum and make your suggestion, or describe your suggested topic here and we’ll work to get in on the schedule.

  • Do you have a cool OpenMRS development project you’d like to share?
  • Have ideas for improving aspect of OpenMRS and want to brainstorm with other devs?
  • Would you like to get an update on the work of Partners In Health, ThoughtWorks, eSaude, AMPATH, the Uganda EMR team, Regenstrief, or some other organization doing OpenMRS development?
  • Are there other topics you’d like to discuss?

If you have a topic and would like to discuss it on a specific date, feel free to edit this wiki post and add your topic to that date; otherwise, reply to this topic and let us know what OpenMRS development topics most interest you.


-Burke :burke:

Proposed topics

If you don’t have a specific date in mind, add your suggested topic(s) here

  • Getting more devs doing code review (TBD)
  • Dev Stages update (@dkayiwa )
  • SDK update (@raff )
  • OWA update (@raff)
  • Infrastructure update/plans (@cintiadr / @pascal)
  • Welcoming GSoC students
  • GSoC Kick-Off
  • OpenMRS Data Warehousing approaches (@willa)
  • Bahmni form builder demo


If you want to claim a date for your topic, add it below

27-Apr ?
04-May ?
11-May ?
18-May ?
25-May ?
1-Jun ?
8-Jun ?
15-Jun ?
22-Jun ?
29-Jun ?
6-Jul ?
13-Jul ?
20-Jul ?
27-Jul ?