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Where did you find the OpenMRS Community Meetings Google Calendar? I couldn’t find it documented on the wiki.

Our calendaring seems to be a bit chaotic.

  • I have now have two different “OpenMRS Events” Google calendars
  • There are at least a few Confluence team calendars here, here, and here. I think @jthomas may have been tending to the Events calendar, but I don’t know how broadly it is used. I’m not sure how much the others are maintained or used.
  • Apparently, there’s an OpenMRS Community Meetings Google Calendar too.
  • UPDATE: I did a little more digging and discovered that there’s are two calendars within our Google organization: (1) “Vacations and Holidays” and (2) “Leadership Team” (I think the latter was created long ago to try and help coordinate travel plans for leadership camps or other meetups).

We actually brought this up on last Monday’s PM call and @jeffneiman was going to try to help better organize our calendars and has made it an agenda item for today’s leadership call. I think Jeff may have started creating more Google calendars (may be why I now have two “OpenMRS Events” calendars in Google). Perhaps we should start be figuring out what we have and what people are using.

My 2¢:

  • Try sharing a single OpenMRS Events Calendar (or just OpenMRS Calendar) for all OpenMRS-related meetings, scrums, demonstrations, etc. Could include events relevant to OpenMRS (e.g., OSCON, GSoC Mentor Summit, etc.) to avoid creating another calendar for these.
  • Distribute management as much as possible.
    • Anyone hosting a OpenMRS-related sprint or doing a demonstration should be able to get it onto the calendar.
    • Keep it updated (as you suggest) with cancelations & topics.
  • Move away from Confluence Team calendars and use Google Calendars (easier to share) hosted/managed within our Google (G Suite) organization. We’ve used a team calendar to identify the current lead of the Community Development Swim Lane, which could either stay as is or migrate to a Google Calendar (or would it be better to just add this to the OpenMRS Calendar as a way of making it more visible?).
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I invited you to be an owner of the calendar so you could see it, but I should have called it (BETA) or something so you KNOW which is which.

Here is the link to the beta calendar that I made. Let me know your thoughts!

Actually, I think it’s better to have an “OpenMRS Calendar” that is owned & shared by our G Suite organization. I added an OpenMRS Calendar, copied our weekly meetings to it, and gave you admin access to it. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to make it editable by all users, but we should be liberal with granting “Make changes to events” privileges to people in the community.

OpenMRS Calendar

iCal link (or via HTML (GMT),,,,

FYI – I corrected the time zones for meetings (using “Ghana/UTC” for meetings that do not follow daylight savings time and “US Eastern” for meetings that currently shift with daylight savings time) and updated the descriptions with more appropriate links & descriptions. I also added OSCON and our remaining scheduled Dev Forum.

@jeffneiman: Please delete your BETA calendar. I’ll try to hunt down the other OpenMRS Events calendar and delete it.

@kwurst: Could you share a link to the “OpenMRS Community Meetings” Google calendar you mentioned? I’d like to delete that one as well

Please confirm that you can access the new “OpenMRS Calendar”. If it’s working as expected, we can start cleaning up the wiki.

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I’m embarassed. It looks like this is my own calendar. I thought I had subscribed to an OpenMRS calendar.

Sorry for the confusion and for making you waste time looking for another calendar.

BTW I successfully added the OpenMRS calendar.

I’ve updated the Events wiki page to embed the OpenMRS Calendar and used a little Macro/JavaScript trickery to make it automatically detect and use the viewer’s (browser’s) timezone. :clock11: :thumbsup:

No worries. BTW, I’ve given you edit access to the OpenMRS Calendar so you can help fix errors or missing info when you see it. :slight_smile:

It’s gone!

@burke @jeffneiman is it possible to share the calendar (without being able to add events) so that a user can just subscribe to it via Google Calendar see

I believe you would just need to click the +Google Calendar icon on the bottom right of the calendar to add it to your own google calendar, or just download the .ical file and import into your desktop calendar.

@jeffneiman Thanks I had not seen that option in the bottom right hand corner

People can also subscribe to – i.e., to add a calendar from within their calendar app.