Design Time for Adding end-to-end test automation to OpenMRS applications

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Are there any desired attendees that can not attend on Monday, August 6 @4pm UTC?

Hi @jthomas,

Can we reschedule for Friday 8/10?

No worries. This did not end up happening. Can we reschedule for Wed or Friday this week (preferably Friday)?

Ryan James PhD Candidate Biomedical and Health Informatics University of Washington (269) 352-0400

I believe today (Wednesday) the design forum will be about AMPATH, but time could be split. We do not have a scheduled design forum on Friday’s so please suggest some times for @valvijo @janflowers @ningosi @asacur to comment on.

Are there any open slots next week?

Ryan James PhD Candidate Biomedical and Health Informatics University of Washington (269) 352-0400

@rcjames all slots are open. @valvijo @janflowers @ningosi @asacur can you please respond to whether you are available on Monday @4pm UTC or Wednesday @6pm UTC?

@jthomas is 6pm UTC still available on Wed? That day works for almost everyone.

Yes. @valvijo @janflowers @ningosi @asacur will Wednesday work for you?

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Yes, that works for me


Works for me


Thank you all for confirming!

@burke are design calls recorded? I’d like to have a recording that I can point some folks to if we can make that available.

All calls on Uberconference are automatically recorded. I even figured out how to embed the recordings on Talk preset to when the conversation started. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, only a handful of folks with Uberconference admin access can get the recording link, but, once shared, anyone can use the link. I’ve been contemplating a way to script publishing of uberconference recording links for OpenMRS… but just haven’t had the time to get around to it.

Screen sharing isn’t recorded (not a feature of Uberconference). In rare cases when I’m prepared for a call and someone is demonstrating something I think others will want to see, I’ll use my own copy of ScreenFlow for Mac to record the screen share and upload it YouTube.

<offtopic rant> Having seen several Hangouts on Air recorded & shared by Andela devs, which records attendees + audio + shared screens and can be watched up to 2x speed, it makes me wonder if we should switch from Uberconference to Hangouts on Air; however, I think the show stopper is the lack of support for an open dial-in by phone option. If G Suite for Nonprofits supported recording of Google Hangout Meet meetings, it would be a no-brainer to switch (since Meet includes a call-in number). </offtopic rant>

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A link to the presentation I’ll be giving today.

I 'll record my screen with OBS just in case.

Here is a link to my presentation and a video recording.

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