Embedding UberConference recordings on Talk

I discovered how to embed UberConference recordings directly into Talk posts and make them start at a particular position. Given a link to an UberConference recording, you can simply paste it on its own line to get an audio player rendered. If you want the player to default to a time position other than the beginning of the recording, it gets just a little trickier.

Since UberConference uses HTML5’s standard <video> element, you can add #t=123 to the link to make the player default to 2:03 (123 seconds into the recording); however, this breaks Discourse’s auto-rendering of the player. But you can fix it by hacking on an “.mp3” at the end. So…

If you want to set the default position of the embedded Uberconference player to 2:03 (123 seconds into the recording), add "#t=123&.mps` to the end of the link, like this:


(change “123” to the number of seconds into the recording you want as the default position)



renders as:

(starting position “t=118” means 118 seconds = 1:58)


Super cool! :smile:

Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t appear to work any longer in Chrome (v69)… at least for me. The audio control renders as expected, but starts at the beginning (time 0:00) instead of the desired start time. It continues to behave properly on Safari (11.1.2).

Maybe this is a victim of autoplay changes happening in Chrome. Or maybe it’s a temporary bug. We’ll see.