Defining the translation process

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@teamprojekt, sorry for being slow to look at the wiki pages you created! (This shows why we need to get me out of the process for this…)

I like what’s written in the two wiki pages. This is a great start. Now we need to actually define the workflow that is implied by the roles. Can you please write this out more explicitly? Specifically, we need to say how the translation process will tie into the RefApp Release Process, i.e. at what point should the release manager and translation manager coordinate to remind reviewers to finish reviewing translations? Is there a specific point where we remind module owners to ensure they pull in translations before releasing their modules? Etc.

Also, can you propose a process for what we should do with existing translations in transifex? (E.g. we might choose to automatically mark all current translations as reviewed, but starting today require review for all new translations, or something like that.)

Once we have written this out explicitly we can get a sanity check from people, and then start carrying it out.


Ping @teamprojekt, do you have some time to work on this?

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@darius, sorry for my late answer. I was very busy the last two weeks. I start tomorrow the work for this.


@darius: I added the translation process to the roles. I hope this could tie in the release process. Comments are welcome :slight_smile: . I think we should mark the existing translations in transifex as reviewed to pull them in the modules. I think the most of them are already in the modules and published. New and untranslated strings should be reviewed to get in the releases. If we only pull the reviewed translations, then we have only some german and indonesian translations.


How about we do the following:

  1. Post on talk telling people that one week from today, we’re going to mark all translations as reviewed, and merge them into the code. Therefore we request:
  • If you speak a language natively/fluently, please peek at the translation for that language in transifex, and say whether (a) the translations are so bad/embarrassing that it’s better not to release them at all, or (b) they’re good enough (when measured against “nothing”)
  • (we should have a checklist for this, hopefully there’s a way to do it via Talk)
  • And anyone who wants to to be a language reviewer going forwards, please volunteer
  1. A week from now, mark everything as reviewed that didn’t receive explicitly complaints.
  2. In the meantime we set up bamboo to pull in reviewed translations at build-time.

What do you think? Do you have time to engage with the project in the next couple weeks? (Or I can send these emails if you prefer. Or I can write an initial draft.)

Also, in connection with this, we should merge your new content that’s in Log In - OpenMRS Wiki into Translating the Reference Application - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki.

I posted on Talk at If you speak another language, help us sanity check existing translations! Soon we'll introduce a Review workflow...