If you speak another language, help us sanity check existing translations! Soon we'll introduce a Review workflow...


Very soon we’re going to start automatically pulling in translations from the online Transifex tool that we use to translate the Reference Application modules. In order to do that, we’re going to introduce a Review workflow, so that no translation gets automatically incorporated in the code without a second pair of eyes. More details on this will follow.

We’ll introduce review going forwards, but we’re not going to require it for the thousands of lines of already-translated text we have. Those will automatically be marked as Reviewed.

We plan to do this in 1 week. Before that, please help us do a quick sanity check of the translations in Transifex, and identify any languages and/or resources that are so bad that we should block incorporating them.

How you can help

Do you speak any non-English language natively or fluently? We need your help in the next 1 week!

  1. Create an account on http://transifex.com
  2. Go to OpenMRS localization | Transifex and click on your language. You will see 16 resources.
  3. One by one, for 15 resources (not for OpenMRS Core, which has a lock icon next to it), click on each resource and then “View Strings Online”
  4. Skim through the translations, and quickly decide whether these translations are better or worse than not having any translation for that language and reasource.
  5. Once you are done (either with all 15 resources, or you’ve just run out of steam), please reply to this thread with your findings, in the format Language - Resource - Good/Bad.

For example I will say

Spanish - HTML Form Entry - Good

Note that for this exercise, speed is more important than precision! :slight_smile:

Want to do even more?

If you noticed deficiencies in the translations and you want to start improving on them, do go ahead.

But remember that our primary objective is in the next week to decide whether any of the existing translations are so bad that we shouldn’t push them out. So, don’t let improving translations distract you from this.

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German - Allergy API - Good German - Allergy UI - Good German - Appointment Scheduling UI - Good German - Dispensing Module - Good German - Html Form Entry - Good

Sorry no more checking for now, I am running out of time and steam. :slight_smile:

Some of the translations are imho good but not absolutely optimal. For those I added suggestions how I would write it. Is that OK or should I have just changed the translation?

Greetings Hermann

Thanks @hermann!

Making suggestions sounds fine. I’m having trouble finding these in the UI, so maybe you can point me to one phrase that you commented on, and I can try to work from there?

@darius : any plans to translate to Sinhala? :slight_smile:

@akshika47, translation is done purely on a volunteer basis (and we aren’t specifically pushing any particular languages). So, no plans, unless you want to do it. :slight_smile:

I been doing translation for Spanish in different open source programs using Transifex and its a great tool. I do want to start helping more in other areas as the translating part bores me. I done around 20-30 strings for this project.