Data dictionary/model description for Platform 1.11

Hello, I am currently working on a Drug Order module

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I am analyzing the data model of Platform 1.11 (used by Bahmni). Could you please confirm if you can provide me the data dictionary / model - field descriptions.

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Are you trying to work with the CIEL dictionary ? We feel this is a great use case to leverage the drug tables we have from the dictionary

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Hello, I am currently working on a Drug Order Module. I am designing the schema for the database I need. Could you please confirm if you can provide me the data dictionary or table field description of OpenMRS v 1.11, which is what Bahmni is based on I was told.

I am interested in the Concept, Drug Order, Drug, Drug Ingredient, Drug reference map tables. Some of the fields like ‘creator’ are present in both Drug table as well as Concept table. Isint a Drug a Concept on its own? Why two fields? Just need more clarification on that and similar other doubts.

Here is a snapshot of my schema. Please take a look and provide your valuable suggestions.

The drug table contains the specific prescribable formulation of the medication. It includes things like brand name. strength and form of the drug. Generally it is only the medications that are available to be dispensed or prescribed by the facility. The Concept table contains all of the ingredients as concepts. One concept can have many different drug rows depending on the naming and formulations available. CIEL contains generic ingredients, multi-ingredient and precise-ingredient (including the salt form, for example [sulfate]) with the brand names only as synonyms for searching in the concept table and the specific formulations for the WHO EDL in the drug table (although this will be expanded in the future to more drug formulations).

Thank you! That is much appreciated. I have consolidated the data model field descriptions for the tables related to Drug Order. If anyone (from Bahmni or from the entire Community) could take a look and let me know if there are any wrong descriptions, it will be much appreciated. Please find attached.

Drug_Order_Data_Model_Share.docx (131.5 KB)

My comments tracked Drug_Order_Data_Model_Share_ask.docx (133.2 KB)

Thank you!

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