Coordinating different DHIS2 projects

Continuing the discussion from OpenMRS DHIS2 Integration GSOC Ideas:

I think it would be very valuable if we could have a design forum where we compare the different approaches people are taking in enough detail to maybe get people to converge a bit more. (I know that some conversations have happened on talk, but it may be easier to coordinate on a synchronous voice call.)

For example:

  • dhisreports module (originally HISP India, now led by Maurya)
  • Jembi’s dhisconnector module
  • Bahmni’s alternate proposal from Vinay here

@jthomas, can we schedule this for a Monday design call? Required attendees seem like @maurya, @vvinay, someone from Jembi (maybe @k_joseph), and one of @burke or @darius to facilitate.


hello @jthomas,

pinging you to find out if we have any slots in Monday design calls to have this discussion?

It looks like April 4th is open. @hannes or @rcrichton would you or someone from Jembi be able to join us?


Thank you @jthomas

For people who did not attend the call, the call notes are available here -

People interested to take a look at the different DHIS2 Integration efforts demo’s can join the call on Friday 8AM EST on


here is the latest update on DHISConnector, it now alone should be enough without dhisreporting: