Automated reporting from OpenMRS into DHIS2 made easy

Just completed a night screen recording of DHISConnector module, the sound may not be the best since i just didn’t wanna get my sound broadcasted to outside my room.

This module simply allows one to drag and drop an OpenMRS period indicator report components (indicators, dimensions) against a matching DHIS2 dataset components (data elements, category combination options), Ensure to have your OpenMRS indicators uniquely named (keys), through creating a mapping, one can choose to run the report to post data to DHIS2 manually or configure the module to run report automatically in the background basing on a dataset period type which could be daily, monthly, yearly …

Refer to the README for further details,

Compiled omod available from here

For automated reporting into DHIS2, the module will only run once for each day, week or month only for the previous past period


CC: @ayeung, @willa, @maoengm, @mwelazek, @monyatsithulo, @tlohang, @pascal, @ssmusoke, @nathaelf

Thanks so much.


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Thanks @k.joseph. FWIW we are currently implementing the custom date range feature at FGH Mozambique.

tell me slightly about that custom date range @willa

We talked about this during the first presentation you did for us. So, for example suppose you have monthly report in DHIS (lets call it DHIS RPT MONTH) which is mapped to OpenMRS monthly report named OMRS RPT Month but the start and end of reporting month from OpenMRS is not 1st of the month to the last day of the month (.i.e 28th/29th/30th/31st). Suppose it is some other date range let say, the period is calculated from 16th of one month to 15th of the next. The problem is, DHIS connector monthly always assumes the dates to start from 1st to last day of the month. What we are doing is simply modifying the UI to be able to specify custom start & end date. That way users will able to say give me OMRS RPT MONTHly for July but do the calculation from July 16th to Aug 15th and post this to July DHIS RPT MONTHly.

I hope this helps.

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sounds so great, for background automated reporting, at:

daily only looks up the last day, weekly last week and monthly last month, you probably wanna adjust this as well to add your custom period type here

Please wire a pull request so i can take a look

Thanks so much for this. So basically on top of these changes I also need to modify the proposed section? I was under the impression that the service gets it’s date range from the UI.

that’s true for run reports page, you may just wire a PR for what u have so-far, adding to the above section is just to cater for your custom date support if you wanted it for automated reporting