Design of RadiologyReport object semantics

Let’s just start with one meeting… the less meeting, the more we can do online the better… :slight_smile:

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Do we want to schedule an open design call fur one of the available slots ?

That makes sense to me @judy

would the work for you all? if so I would apply for the slot

Works for me, thanks!

@judy does the work for you as well ? and @sunbiz, @mseaton are you interested too?

yes it does

dear @jthomas, can you please give the slot to the radiology module.

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Sure. I’ll tag @judy, @mogoodrich, @sunbiz and @mseaton so they are aware too.

@jthomas I have a family emergency and cannot make it. I am very sorry but I need to cancel the meeting. Can you please make sure everyone knows. Thanks a lot!!!

@judy @mogoodrich @sunbiz

@teleivo sorry to hear… hope everything is okay!

Ivo i hope everything is ok

@teleivo hope everything is okay. Please let us know when you would would like to reschedule and we will get this back on the calendar.

@mogoodrich @judy and other interested parties would you be available on one of these dates ? and if so which one do you prefer ?

April 4th is schedule to be a discussion about coordinating different DHIS2 projects. We do have availability on the April 6th or 11th though.

April 6th would work for me

Sorry, I have been away on vacation and just catching up on things now. I could do April 6th as well.

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@teleivo can you do April 6th?

dear all (@judy, @mogoodrich) would 11th also work for you? very sorry to postpone again, but I need more time to prepare.

April 11th is an open forum at this time.