Contacts for Platform 2.2 Features

Hi @mogoodrich, @mseaton, @darius, @wyclif, @raff, @dkayiwa

On today’s PM call we discussed Platform 2.2 and each of you were named as the point of contact for features we plan to include;

Tickets can be found on the Technical Road Map

This message is to

  1. Make you aware you are the point of contact
  2. If you believe you should not be the point of contact identify who should
  3. Get your help to identify who should be the developer for these features

Please respond in this thread with any questions or details

/cc @burke


@mogoodrich, @mseaton, @darius, @wyclif, @raff, @dkayiwa wanted to make sure you saw this and was wondering if you had any info to share.

Thanks @jthomas! I added myself as a contact on the provider roles ticket…

Take care, Mark

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Thanks @jthomas, I’m happy to weigh in on idgen as help as much as I can.

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