Platform 2.2 Release Tentative Date

Hello members, I’m glad to inform the community that I was appointed as the release manager of Platform 2.2. :smile:

That being said, we aren’t yet sure of the actual release date. I would like to be in-sighted of the target release date to get the ball rolling :grinning: cc: @dkayiwa , @raff , @wyclif


Congratulation release manager

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hello @samuel34 have you looke at this Contacts for Platform 2.2 Features Look also at this wiki page for more guidance I hope you get to it faster so we can move forward

Hi @irenyak1 . Thanks for the shared resources :slight_smile: .
Am just waiting for someone to invoke me to start the release process, I currently don’t know when :frowning: . Am just anticipating that Release Prioritization Meeting should come first, If am wrong about that, inform me please :slight_smile:
CC: @dkayiwa , @wyclif etc.

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@samuel34 are you able to attend our weekly project management calls? They are on Mondays from 8:00pm to 9:00pm Ugandan time.

Thanks for informing me about that @dkayiwa , I will make sure I attend from effect of next week :slight_smile:

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@samuel34 Have you not yet started the release process ?:smile::smile:

Not sure bro :joy:

Ha ha…ok but i think you’re in the process now.

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Hi @samuel34! As an FYI Monday is a holiday for OpenMRS so we will not be holding our normal PM call. We will reconvene on February 26 @8pm EAT.

Ok, thanks for the update :slight_smile: