CDS hooks support


I’m exploring the OpenMRS app’s features and trying to figure out how the CDS hooks are implemented. I found a couple of discussions, but nothing concrete on this topic:

I also saw a new module that has just created(about 2-3 weeks ago)


I am curious, is this module going to support CDS and CDS hooks? Or maybe there is another implementation of CDS?

Can you point us to the exact location of this module?

That is the repo for module:

@binduak @sivareddy @angshuonline do you happen to have a response to the above?

We are also looking to implement CDS Hooks applications in OpenMRS. Has anyone done this? Is creating a CDS Hooks launched application in OpenMRS documented somewhere?

The wiki link cited by the other contributor above seems to have information about CDS Hooks in general and some information on how to implement it using Cerner tools but doesn’t seem to point to information on implementing this specifically in OpenMRS.

The Github link for the omenmrs-module-cdss cited by the other contributor above seems to be broken (doesn’t exist).

Thanks, John

That was a proposed project which never got implemented. So it is still open to any one who has developer resources to kick it off the ground. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dkayiwa! I’ll keep my eyes on this space. Im just getting started with the omod architecture, but it looks like there is a lot of great information to get me started on the wiki (Developer Guide - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki). It seems like it should be possible to create an omod to launch an application that then uses FHIR to interact with the OpenMRS instance.

Do you happen to know if the OpenMRS FHIR server has gone through testing such as Aegis Touchstone (The Touchstone Platform for HL7® FHIR® –, Inc.), Inferno (, etc.