Have OpenMRS FHIR capabilities been formally tested?

Has the OpenMRS FHIR server gone through testing such as Aegis Touchstone (The Touchstone Platform for HL7® FHIR® – AEGIS.net, Inc.), Inferno (https://inferno.healthit.gov/), etc.

You can see real-world examples of how the OMRS FHIR module has been used here: https://om.rs/fhir101

The OMRS FHIR Module effectively acts as a translation layer between the OMRS data model and FHIR’s data model. It does not create a new “FHIR server” as such.

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Thanks @grace !

Happy to discuss further, please do add any additional questions here. As you see on our “FHIR 101” wiki page, this is an area of strategic interest and importance for us :slight_smile:

May I ask, what is the use case you have in mind? There are a few folks among our technical community leaders who have a long-term idea that perhaps one day someone might use a HAPI FHIR server to host OMRS instead of our custom setup. Though our FHIR mapping probably has a long way to go before that.

We (National Association of Community Health Centers aka NACHC) are currently working on some SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks implementations. We are looking at OpenMRS as a potential solution for both testing/proof-of-concept as well as for production releases. Two of the applications we are working on are for our HIV prevention effort: One is a field survey used by patients to help assess risk and testing recommendations (currently in production). The other is an application to get a risk assessment from the EMR using FHIR data, and then prompt the clinician to order an HIV and potentially other tests when the data suggest this should be done (currently in development).

It looks like the current OpenMRS doesn’t support CDS Hooks (CDS hooks support - #5 by greshje), but looking at the modular architecture, I’m thinking it would be possible (and possibly not that complicated) to create a module that allowed for communications with a SMART on FHIR like application.

Your wiki is AWESOME!!! Lots of great information and very well organized.

Also, the community here has been very responsive and very helpful.

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We do have some documentation on how to setup OpenMRS with SMART on FHIR using Keycloak here: Using Keycloak for SMART-on-FHIR Support - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki. It’s been a little while since that project was active, so it might be slightly out of date on the Keycloak side of things and the UI is based on the 2.x RefApp, but it may be a reasonable place to start.