Built-in Printing Templates should exist in OpenMRS 2x & RefApp 2.6

With initial setup, the OpenMRS has the basic forms that can record patient information but we do not have built-in reports for each encounter and visit to present the recorded data in hard copy.

Reference Application 2.6 should have following built-in components:

  • Each encounter should have built-in report templates same as form
  • Each encounter should have print button (Print button should appear for each encounter if we set a specific print attribute in form definition or any other place. It should be optional. We should be able to remove the print button for some encounters) refer here for further details
  • There should be a print right same as edit/view right of a form.
  • We should also have a print button for a visit to print the visit details as single report. (Refer to here)
  • Built-in Death Certificate template
  • Built-in ID-Card template


Thanks @hpardess for suggestions! I’m afraid it’s too late to include that in RA 2.6 and it could be added to some later version. Could you please create issues in the RA project for each of your bullet points?

Do you have access to any developers to work on them?

I’m available to lead a sprint and provide technical guidance.

This ticket is somehow related to this requiremnt : https://issues.openmrs.org/plugins/servlet/mobile#issue/RA-1257