Bahmni PAT call Nov 28th 2018

Dear All,

PAT call happening at 7:30 pm IST today, thats 2 pm UTC, 10 am ET. Zoom meeting.

Please update your agenda below

  1. Update on release 0.92 - development sprint - infra, platform, Odoo upgrade

@arjun, @pramidat, @mksd, @sruti, @angshuonline, @ramses, @ramashish, @darius, @ajeenckya, @nehagupt

We want to discuss about

  1. Restricting add-more and multi-select both in form 2.0 on thread Multi-select obs with add-more property published from form-builder is not working properly

  2. Obs to Obs flow sheet for forms 2.0 ObsToObs Flow sheet for Forms 2.0

  3. Recurring appointments Apponitment number Recurring Appointments in Appointment Module

We’d like to come back to the topic about external requests in OpenELIS which we discussed last time. As agreed then we wrote down our requirements here:

We’d like to further discuss this and see whether we can agree on the way to implement this.

Notes here