ObsToObs Flow sheet for Forms 2.0

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ObsToObsFlowsheet Diaplay Control:

Currently we are trying to support ObsToObsFlowSheet for forms 2.0.

Forms 1.0 uses the below API


Since form builder forms are no longer concepts, we are going to extend above API with a new query parameter formName=<form-name> which takes precedence over conceptSet=<concept_name>

Based on the conceptSet/FormName we will proceed with getting the observations for the required concepts. To get the observations we are planning to use bahmniObservationService and filter them based on the form_field_path to ensure that the concepts are related to particular form 2.0.

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Bahmni PAT call Nov 28th 2018
(Siav R) #2

We are going support with list of form names based on the inputs from PAT call.

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It is mandatory to configure conceptNames in forms 2.0 obsToObs flowsheet. If concepts are not configured, display control will not show any concepts unlike forms 1.0 which shows all the concepts in templateName.