Automation of create-openmrs-owa with React Components

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Congrats @beingtmk! Looking forward to working with you!

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hello @judeniroshan, @mogoodrich and @suthagar23,

can we have our first weekly meeting on wednesday 7-9pm est time slot?

i have created a weekly hangouts event on google calendar!

Works for me! I will not be able to make all of them, but should be able to check in today.

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can we have like a 15-20 min video call, so that we can talk about the general aspects?

doesn’t seem like @judeniroshan will be available today

can we irc or something to contact real time?

@beingtmk I missed it. How about on this weekend on the same time?

@judeniroshan, can we have the meeting?

Hi, I’m waiting here for the meeting. @beingtmk

hi @judeniroshan, sorry for the trouble, can we have the meeting on saturday?

how about three 1hour slots from 7pm-10pm cest, whichever one works for you.

i will stay online on openmrs talk between these times, so you can ping me anytime and we can have a meeting on hangouts

@judeniroshan, In the mean time i will be completing my documentation work & blog!

I will post my blog relating to the tech stack in the repository by tomorrow!

i look forward to todays meeting! i will check in at 7 pm cest.

Have you scheduled the call with mentors and send the calendar invitations?


Let me know when you check in!

@judeniroshan, i have checked in!

@judeniroshan, here is the repository which has a simple form based on the newly added components to my fork of openmrs-react-components

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@beingtmk Just to clarify on your approach of the outcome of this project: you will have 2 different projects.

  1. Customized create-react-openmrs-app generator
  2. Demo project for above mentioned project
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Here the repository which will contain all of my latest work.

  1. New Components
  2. Examples & Usage of

I am currently in process of refining my previous work and also workin on Drag & Drop Upload Component.

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