Automation of create-openmrs-owa with React Components

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I have uploaded a draft of my proposal ready to be reviewed. If someone has time to review it I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance.

Thanks @pevb, yes you can carry on to work on some components as your first step. Anyway @mogoodrich @judeniroshan will help you in finding more tickets.

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Thanks @suthagar23! I will do that then. I have another question: is it trivial to work on the README of the components folder ? I think there is room for improvement there and I can document my findings as I explore the components!

@pevb I don’t totally understand your question, but React Components is certainly waaay underdocumented, so I support any effort to improve that. I had been trying to add comments to the top of files explaining usage, such as:

But I’ve probably done that in only about 3% of the cases.

An improved top-level README summary would be useful as well.

Hi @mogoodrich, @suthagar23,

I have created a pull request relating to issue


Pls check it out :slightly_smiling_face:!

hi @mogoodrich & @suthagar23,

So as of now, we have to manually create a project and install all dependencies such redux, redux-saga etc. to start using openmrs-react-components in that project.

so we essentially want to automate these steps to get fully configured project running with openmrs-components?

One more question, Guys even if i don’t get selected can you guys mentor me so that i can contribute during this summer?

I always wanted to get into OpenSource, and i have made a lot of efforts to get used to repositories relating to openmrs and would like to continue contributing!

Anyways i am working on another issue, once i am done with that i will put up a proposal by today!

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Great :smile:. Please keep contact the respected mentors since they can guide you to the next level :wink:.

Cc : @judeniroshan

Just acheived Dev 1 status,

Feeling Awesome :smile:

Hi All Am Ayeshmantha Perera. Currently following my master degree programme.I’m working as an R&D Engineer in Salzburg Research Austria.Am very interested about the project and submitted my draft.Would like to contribute to the react components project during my summer brake this year.

@mogoodrich @suthagar23 @judeniroshan am following up the react-components project closely and would like to know about one component

Search component

So I went through the rest endpoint of the current component what I saw was it was just calling and endpoint with axios and it seems to be passing few params with it.

And what I want to know is about the autocomplete so what I want to know is the search related to an enterprise search and is this search related to facets or auto suggestions or just a db query to handle with a debounce time.

Asking this so I can add this to final architecture of the project. Thank you

And also I already set up the server locally and added test patience records as @judeniroshan mentioned here generated patient data.And then as @suthagar23 mentined here in medium genarated the owa react app but figured out it was moved from yoman genarator templates to node module.And now I have a fresh install react owa app but the thing is when I run build:prod it;s hanging on in karma.Any idea for this to proceed.But in the mean time I tried with owa and it builds perfectly and can be uploaded zip file in to the server.

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And currently I setup the creae-react app fresh install and working on the manifest file in order to integrate it with the server and to display the set of react common components hope it will work any input here will be useful too thank you

Hi @suthagar23 & @mogoodrich @judeniroshan,

I have submitted my draft proposal, please take a look when you have time to spare.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Mithilesh

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@ayesh @beingtmk Make sure you have in detail plan for each week with realistic deliverables. I have mentioned it in your docs as well. :slight_smile:

@ayesh Search component is basically to avoid reinventing the wheel by other developers when they include a searchable component in their OWA app. Therefore, you should think about a design that can leverage among different use cases when a developer wants to implement a search component for different REST endpoints. Autocompletion should be basically query out from OpenMRS rest API endpoints.

I am on it!

Thanks @judeniroshan for reviewing it on such a short notice :smiley: !

Hi @mogoodrich, @suthagar23 & @judeniroshan,

I have submitted the final proposal pdf with the changes as suggested by @judeniroshan.

The gifs that i have uploaded in it doesnt seem to work in pdf format, so i request you guys to view it in google docs. ( The link is same as draft)

I am cool with whatever you guys decide :wink: ! I am in this for the long run.

I have created an issue in regards to making the main readme more detailed. i’ll be working in it.

Thanks :grinning:


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Hi @judeniroshan

Sure so i have started working integrating the react components with create-react app to see what we can get from it.Currently am having few issues but hope we will be able to fix them soon.

And yes of course if the search is a component which as the capability to change based on the rest api provided will work on it on that way.

Hey! here is the github repo where you can find the requested work mentioned in: So far I can see only a limited amount of the components is available in version “^0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.8” of the “@openmrs/react-components” npm package.


Hi @mogoodrich, @suthagar23 & @judeniroshan,

Thankyou for putting your trust in me :smiley:!

I was not able to contribute this month, But i will not let you guys down from now on!

I am just in the middle of End Semester Exams right now, which will end on 10th May, will give my all right from the day after that!

Looking forward to learning from you guys and being a part of this awesome community!

Feeling awesome :innocent:!

Congrats @beingtmk

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Congratulations @beingtmk. I hope you will dedicate and complete the project which is really essential for openmrs community. Wish you all the best! I hope you’ll enjoy what you’ll be contributing to OpenMRS! :blush:

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