Automation of create-openmrs-owa with React Components

Hello @mogoodrich & @suthagar23,

I am a Bio Sciences and Bio Engeneering undergrad at IIT Guwahati.

I have used ReactJS in my previous projects, one of which can be viewed at

I am following the Getting Started Guide to set up the OpenMRS project. And also the openmrs-react-components repository.

Hoping to learn a lot from you guys and this community!

Any guidance is very much appreciated.

Regards, Mithilesh

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Hi @beingtmk,

Thanks for the interest on this project. Go ahead and explore more about OpenMRS, OpenMRS Development, and OWA development with react. Good to pick some OpenMRS tickets and start to work on those to get familer with OpenMRS Platform.

cc: @judeniroshan


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Hello @mogoodrich, @suthagar23

I am a Computer Science sophomore at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IITR).
I have experience in ReactJS , Redux, Django(python), PHP, MySql.
I have recently read OpenMRS ideapage and found this project very interesting and would like to work on this project during GSoC 2019.I have already requested for accessing JIRA and will work on the issues as soon as I get the access .
Any help will be appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @shivanshbindal9, Welcome to OpenMRS and thanks for the interest on this project. Go through the GSoC 2019 : Warm up practices for students and prepare you for GSoC :-).

Cc : @judeniroshan


Hey @suthagar23 when I tried using react components I was able to use a few but faced some issues while using others. When I tried using patient header component as mentioned in the readme some unexpected errors came, so I would like to know if there is any channel for asking doubts related to same.
Also there are some discrepancies in the readme such as some links are broken and some wrong import statements are used so can I start by simply correcting those things? It would be great if you could share contribution guidelines with me.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you push your work to your Github and give us a link for review or can you provide the error stack in We couldn’t help you without knowing the issues in detail you have :smile:.

Yes, You can make corrections and send a pull request here. Better to create a ticket in here, and claim for your work.

Cc : @mogoodrich

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Thanks @shivanshbindal9! The react-components library is definitely very immature at this point, so it’s likely that some things don’t work and that many things are undocumented… hopefully something we can work on this summer!

There’s a JIRA project for tickets related to React Components you can look at, and it’s also a good place to start ticketing new issues:

Also, there are two main project that use React-Components that could be helpful to look at… one is a standalone PWA that we are building at PIH:

The other is a new OWA for collecting lab information:

Hope that helps some!

Take care, Mark

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Thanks @mogoodrich and @suthagar23 . I will definitely look into the projects mentioned :slight_smile:

Hi @mogoodrich & @suthagar23,

I ran the above suggested projects, and that helped me to understand the usage of openmrs-react-components but as it required a server to fully explore the features, i am trying to build & run the openmrs-core repository. but i am getting errors at compile time.

Since i have’nt really used java before, i am unable to point out where the errors is coming from. The detailed error is provided below .

Any help is very much appreciated.

Regards, Mithilesh

Compile with Java 8

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@beingtmk it’s java compilation error, but unfortunately I’ve never seen that one before, maybe someone else has?

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Ah, thanks @dkayiwa… I was actually going to flag you on the ticket but you beat me to it… :slight_smile:

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Even i thought it must have version problem! I am actually in process of installing java 8. Thankyou for confirming it!

Help is much appreciated!

Hi, @suthagar23 @mogoodrich as you pointed I setted up the PIH project and was able to run it. It also helped me understand how openmrs-react-component is really helpful and how to realise changes in real time. I have certain doubts regarding the PIH project

  1. Do we need to set up some kind of database for properly running PIH project as it requires login based on username and password ?
  2. Are the issues related to PIH project on jira or some other platform as I can’t find any on github ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @shivanshbindal9, pls set up the Open-mrs core repository,

It Provides backend for all the front end applications.

Detailed Instructions are provided here

As suggested by @dkayiwa use java 8 as latest version of java didnt work for me.

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Hi @mogoodrich @suthagar23 I am still having some problem with login. I have completely setted up the openmrs core repository as well as the pih project. Also, I have made a .env.local file as mentioned in the documentation. The following is the screenshotof log of openmrs-core .
Here is the screenshot of network log Sorry for bothering you time and again.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @shivanshbindal9,

Using the OpenMRS SDK (Installation Docs), Set up the PIH-EMR, Which is a distribution of OpenMRS , an open-source medical record systems. This provides necessary modules and metadata to run the openmrs-pwa-apzu-ic3 pwa.

Detailed Instructions given in Github Repository of openmrs-module-mirebalais!

I also suggest reading the Developer Guide which will help in understanding necessary concepts such as Distributions & Modules.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you @beingtmk :slight_smile:

Hello! My name is Paul Vazquez and Im a Computer Engineering student from Mexico. I am very interested in working in this idea during the summer. I have 2 years of experience working with react and some of my previous projects are he following:


The open source web-based graphical image annotation tool. #Appetizer Reservation web app for restaurants made with React.js + Redux + Firebase

And currently developing an Real-Time info viewer for an IoT project:

I will be exploring the openmrs-react-components repository. Thanks!

Hi, I’m trying to make some contributions to the react repositories but I dont seem to find any updated tickets on Jira about work that needs to be done in those repositories is there any other place I can find more information? Or maybe I can do one of the components/tasks proposed in the ideas list of gsoc ?