Announcing the 2016 Uganda OpenMRS Implementers' Conference!

Hello everyone!

On behalf of the entire OpenMRS community, we wish to express our thanks and appreciation to the organizers of the upcoming OpenMRS Implementers Meeting in Uganda. We look forward to sharing the wonderful work that multiple communities have been doing in support of the region. It’s also a great chance to discuss their current and future plans.

Please join us in Uganda in September. We look forward to seeing you in Kampala!

Uganda 2016: eHealth for better patient outcomes: Innovating and strengthening systems (6th - 11th September 2016).

OpenMRS Implementers Meetings are a way to bring health care professionals and OpenMRS implementers together to collaborate, share implementation experiences, and discover new ways to improve OpenMRS. For Uganda 2016, we are excited to collaborate closely with the DHIS and OpenHIE communities to focus on eHealth for better patient outcomes, innovating and strengthening systems. Some of the conference themes include:

  • eHealth: The cost effective and secure use of ICT in support of health and health related fields, including health care services, health surveillance, health literature, and health education, knowledge and research.

  • Patient Outcomes: The arc of history is increasingly clear: health care is shifting focus from the volume of services delivered to the value created for patients, with “value” defined as the outcomes achieved relative to the costs.

  • Innovating: Updating and transforming: Strengthening Systems: Interoperability, standards and integration of data through OpenHIE to improve data sharing, reporting and use.

Who should attend?

People new to OpenMRS who want to connect to others using the platform around the world Experienced OpenMRS implementers who want to share their experiences and learn from others OpenMRS platform developers – anyone building systems to integrate with or extend OpenMRS Developers of related health and healthcare application software Health practitioners, researchers and publishers You!

Why you should attend!

This event provides an opportunity for developers to collaborate and improve their technical skills in OpenMRS, implementers to share their best practices from implementations, and users to propose and prioritize their top features in future releases of the software. The event will also include visits to OpenMRS implementation sites along with a discussion afterward for participants to share their experience and suggestions.

For more details, please visit

How one proposes session ideas:

We’re proposing a semi-unconference format, with a number of pre-arranged sessions based on key regional issues, followed by open slots for unconference sessions. Do you want to lead a session? Do you have an idea for what you’d like to see, even if you can’t lead the session? Stay tuned for more details on proposing session ideas.


The event will precede a hackathon for current and new OpenMRS contributors, which will take place over two days immediately after the event – Saturday 10 September and Sunday 11 September. The hackathon is free for developers to attend, but separate registration is required because space is limited. More information about the hackathon will be posted soon.

Site visits:

Uganda has a long history of OpenMRS implementations, and we are proud to show off our work to attendees. Site visits are currently under planning, and will be announced soon!

Conference Schedule:

Specific schedule details and session titles will not be confirmed until the conference begins. However, check back on this site for information about the event schedule.

Registration fees:

“Early Bird” registration through 31 July 2016: USD $400

Regular registration (1 August – 31 August): USD $450

Late registration (1 September – 5 September): USD $495

Accommodations & travel assistance:

Accommodation is not included in conference registration fees. Recommended by hosts Uganda is Speke Resort Munyonyo and this will include transportation to and from the airport at an additional cost of $53, and it offers discounted rooms (Bed and breakfast) for conference participants at a rate of $95/night/person. When making bookings quote the code UGAOMRS16.

Contact 1: Sheila Kyomugasho

Contact 2: Sarah Nakendo

Cell phone 1: (+256) 782135428

Cell phone 2: (+256) 776091941

Email 1: skyomugasho[at]

Email 2: sarah.nakend[at]

Visas and Invitation Letters:

If you require an invitation letter please contact the secretariat at ugaomrssecretariat[at] as soon as possible. Visas will be available at the airport at a cost of $100 (For US bills, ensure they are un-damaged and year 2003 or newer, otherwise they are USELESS in Uganda as nobody accepts them) and this is a cash transaction. Yellow fever vaccination cards are a prerequisite for your travel to Uganda.


OpenMRS has a limited budget for sponsorship for attendees. See for details and to apply. The deadline for applications is 1 August 2016 at 00:00 EAT


A friend is just not sure how OpenMRS would contact him back since the sponsorship request form has no field for like email or contact!!!

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Good point @k_joseph. AFAIK this is what we’ve been using for the past few years. Will Investigate further… I think the form is meant to link to helpdesk, but need to confirm…

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Yeah – why not just use Desk to handle sponsorship requests. Somebody just has to field them. Doesn’t it use his email which it is assumed he provided?

Same thing i would propose

This is how sponsorship requests were fielded for OMRS15. We have events@ which goes to Desk. Let’s use that.

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@k_joseph actually been wondering around the same point and that is what i would like to know.

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The link ( to the conference seems to be broken as I’m redirected to Anyone else having this problem?

It looks like there is a trailing 1. Try:

I’ll fix it, thanks!

That has been my puzzle too.

Might have been my fault – sorry!

Was this moved to December or are there two meetings, one in Sept and the other in Dec?

Hey @eddiemu, the conference was moved to December 6th to 11th.There is no conference taking place in September.

you i am still puzzled on how i will receive the notification for the invite to the conference

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According to the internet US citizens cannot get a visa on arrival in Uganda. If you’re a US citizen, you should be applying for your visa in the next couple weeks.

(This probably applies to other nationalities also, but I only checked for USA.)

@darius am not aware of any nationality which cannot get a visa on arrival in Uganda. Do you mind sharing the internet link where you got this? :slight_smile: The single entry visa fees reduced from $100 to $50 according to this government paper:

According to

Effective July 1, 2016, visas and residency permits will no longer be available at Entebbe Airport upon arrival.

All visa and work permit (E-Visa and E-permits) applications must be completed via the Government of Uganda’s website. Under the new application process, you must apply online for all immigration services such as visas, permits, and passes at least two weeks prior to travel. The fee for a single entry tourist visa is $50.

All visas are acquired online. Kindly visit to secure one before you get into Uganda.

We are looking forward seeing you all in Uganda for the 2016OMRS Implementers Conference


@jmpango, FYI the visa application asks for Name and telephone number of Contact in Uganda (person, organization, hotel, travel agency…)

It would be helpful to share this on this talk thread and/or the wiki.