Announcing our OpenMRS Fellow Mentors!

Welcome @k.joseph and @mozzy, our new OpenMRS Fellow Mentors! :partying_face:

I’m thrilled to announce that @k.joseph and @mozzy have been selected to serve our community as our first OpenMRS Fellow Mentors! As OpenMRS Fellow Mentors, they will work closely with OpenMRS Fellows and help them reach their fellowship goals while contributing to active squads like the FHIR | PLIR Squad.

If any of you are familiar with @mozzy’s journey with OpenMRS, you’ll know how fitting this is.

@k.joseph one of our /dev/4s, has been with us for over six years now. In 2015, he participated in GSoC as a student - and has since served as a GSoC mentor in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. He brings experience working with OpenMRS implementations in Mozambique, Rwanda, Haiti, Lesotho, South Africa, and Kenya. Most recently, @k.joseph is a core member of the QA Support Team as our QA Test Engineer.

@mozzy, an aspiring /dev/5, joined the OpenMRS community in 2017 - several months after meeting @kaweesi through his work as a CAD engineer. In the time since he began contributing to our community, @mozzy has risen to become a /dev/3, Release Manager for Reference Application 2.10 , and April 2019’s Volunteer of the Month. He is currently serving as co-admin for GSOC 2020 and a mentor to our Ref App 2.11 Release Manager @sharif.

How did we get here?

We received 25 applications to our OpenMRS Fellowship Program. Applicants indicated the kind of fellowship they were interested in and if they wanted to be considered as a Fellow Mentor or not.

We grouped the applicants by track (development, project/product management, quality assurance) and by role (fellow, fellow mentor).

@burke @wanyee @dkayiwa @ibacher @grace and myself reviewed and scored all applicants for the Development and TPM track. We then had brief, 30 minute conversations with the top 4 candidates for Fellow Mentors in the development track. From there, we asked each person to tell us who they thought were the two strongest candidates for Fellow Mentor and why. The same two names came readily to the top of each person’s list - and the rest is history!

We’re now in the final stages of selecting the OpenMRS Fellows who will work alongside @k.joseph and @mozzy. Stay tuned!