Introducing our first OpenMRS Fellows!

Earlier this year, we welcomed @k.joseph and @mozzy as our first OpenMRS Fellow Mentors.

Now, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the three Fellows that will be working with @grace, @dkayiwa, @k.joseph, and @mozzy:

@suruchi will be pursuing a PM/Development fellowship, with her primary focus being OCL for OpenMRS (while keeping the pulse of the FHIR Squad and Analytics Engine Squad). @grace and @dkayiwa will be helping her on her journey.

@ayesh started out as a GSoC student and GSoD technical writer. Now, he’s one of our first Development Fellows along with our current Platform Release Manager, @gcliff. Both of them will be working with @k.joseph and @mozzy on the patient level indicator reporting project.

We’ve asked all Fellows and Fellow Mentors to share their experiences twice a month via a blog-style Talk post. Keep an eye out for their posts and help us cheer them along!


thanks everyone for the opportunity and glad to be part of this :smile:


Thanks OpenMRS for the opportunity, I am excited to join the team.

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Thanks all for the opportunity and very glad to be a part of this :smiley:

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