April Volunteer of the Month: Mutesasira Moses!

Let’s hear it for Moses! An aspiring /dev5, Moses has been nominated by the community as April’s Volunteer of the Month! This month, we received three nominations for Volunteer of the Month (April) - and two of them were for Mozzy. You may recognize him by his OpenMRS ID, @mozzy

We want to acknowledge Moses’ work and commitment to the OpenMRS community, so we asked him a few questions about himself and the different ways he is involved in our community.


Tell us a little about your background

My name is Mutesasira Moses from Uganda, a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. I went through Kyambogo University in Uganda for my degree. I love learning new things, willing to practice what I have learnt. I am currently volunteering with OpenMRS.

When did you start with OpenMRS

After my Degree from campus in 2016, I first worked as a CAD(Computer Aided Design) Engineer and it’s from here where i met a friend @k.joseph

In 2016 who introduced me to OpenMRS as an organization that distributes open source medical record system. I did not join this awesome community instantly at that time ,because i had little and very limited knowledge about programming as a whole ,since at university i had been just introduced to programing . From then i began to read books about java programming ,and developed a few projects so that i could familiarize myself with programming and also prepare myself to join the community.

I was able to join the community in mid 2017 and was warmly welcomed by community members especially @dkayiwa and @jwnasambu After joining, I began familiarizing myself with the community resources which include Wiki, Talk, JIRA and GitHub.

To get a basic understanding about the OpenMRS architecture, i followed the developer manual and developed the Face-list Module(https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/FACE+LIST+MODULE) as a newbie project. it was not really a community priority but it gave me a good understanding about the OpenMRS API. The last three months of 2017, I decided to participate in the Andela BootCamp so that I could improve my programming skills. And after that I came back permanently to the Openmrs community with a better exposure to programming.

How do you participate in the community (What activities, projects, role, etc)

  • I have helped find solutions to problems faced by friends on talk and IRC.
  • I have volunteered to improve wiki documentation with a team of other volunteers
  • I have contributed to fixing bugs and introducing new features to OpenMRS programmatically through working on several Tickets.
  • I also sometimes attend OpenMRS calls on Uberconference to know about the ongoing projects.
  • Am currently working as a Release team member with @ruhanga as the Release manager for Platform 2.3 and working on the key Tickets identified for the release.
  • Am also willing to volunteer as the release manager for Ref App 2.10

What drives or inspires you to work with OpenMRS

  • The fact that OpenMRS is an Open Source project that aims at saving and improving people’s lives through writing code greatly inspires me.
  • Another fact that am aspiring to be a good programmer , a Guru also drives me to work with OpenMRS

What are your favorite things to do in your free time

  • I love learning new technologies through reading because of the the fact that we live in a very dynamic world where new technologies pop up every now and then
  • I love music , swimming , playing instruments especially the Piano.

What’s your favorite OpenMRS moment or tell us what makes OpenMRS special to you

My favourite moment on OpenMRS is when i get my Pull Request merged and I get appreciated for the work done.

How has OpenMRS helped you achieve any of your personal goals or how has working with OpenMRS impacted you

  • Working with OpenMRS has greatly exposed me to a lot of programming technologies and has improved my programming skills to great degree.
  • It has also taught me good programming practices and working with teams.

congs @mozzy:+1:

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Congratulations Mozzy! keep it up.

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congratulations brother

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Congratulations @mozzy

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Congrats @mozzy , keep up the awesome work!!

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Well done, @mozzy!

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Congrats @mozzy! We’re lucky to have you in the community!

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You are awesome @mozzy! We appreciate you so much. Thanks for making a difference in our community!

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Cong @mozzy

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Congratulations @mozzy ! Very inspiring :slight_smile:

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Congrats @mozzy :clap::clap::clap: . Happy to see you accomplishing great things.

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Good job so far @mozzy!

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