Announcing Google Summer of Code 2020!



Once more time, Google Summer of Code 2020 has been just announced officially by Google. Please refer to this blog to get more details about the program. Excited to have this event after celebrating 15 years of Google Summer of Code :smile:

GSoC 2020 timeline,

  • Jan 14, 2020 - Organization Applications Open
  • Feb 21, 2020 - Organizations Announced
  • Mar 16 - 31, 2020 - Student Application Period
  • May 18 - Aug 10, 2020 - Coding Period
  • Aug 25, 2020 - Results Announced

As usual, OpenMRS also will start preparing the application to get accepted with Google Summer of Code 2020.



Hi @suthagar23

I would like to co adimn for openMRS this year. Let me know about work ahead would love to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @suthagar23 for this Announcent, i would like to volunteer ,to take on the role of GSOC 2020 admin , as i requested here



Thanks @suthagar23 for GSOC2020 Updates. i would also like to participate as GSOC mentor year 2020

@suthagar23 Thanks for always keeping the community updated and leading us beautifully. @mozzy by the look of things @suthagar23 has already volunteered to be an admin and so you can be the co-admin as he mentors you.


@jwnasambu you have just spoken what was exactly in my mind! :slight_smile:


I want to think otherwise. He could have just posted the announcement but not necessarily that he is the Admin. Is there a default Admin? :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa I would like to do also :smile:. Since a lot of people would like to work as Co-Admins, we can evaluate and find the potential candidate for that role :slight_smile:.

@irenyak1 Nothing is default :smile:, It depends on our commitment and work.

@suthagar23 that’s much clear now that you want to be admin :slight_smile: before this post, I would not just assume. Confirmatory test now done :smiley:

@irenyak1 we do not have a default admin. But one can be an admin for more than once. :smile:

Being an admin takes a lot of effort and therefore requires serious commitment. This commitment is seen in past experiences of a person, and other things like being able to monitor a program and make the community aware of it, when Google announces.


Ok thanks @dkayiwa for the clarification, I thought @suthagar23 was our always admin :smiley: @suthagar23 thank you for the clarification too. :slight_smile: Yeah very hard work is required I know.

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This is a good news. I want to contribute to OpenMRS. Please tell me how to??

These are the various ways of contributing: Coding , documentation, testing, outreach and Analysis. What are you interested in?

Its a great oppotunity too :slightly_smiling_face: I would still take on being Co-Admin too

This is exciting! I would like to participate for GSoC-2020 as a student. I need guidelines on how to increase my chances of being selected as early as now before student application begins.
cc: @suthagar23

Just continue working on tickets.


Check on this also,


I would love to contribute as a backup mentor cc @suthagar23

Hi everyone,

As many of you would like to take a part with GSoC as Co-Admin, we really appreciate your interests in this. But we may need to select the best candidate to go ahead with the usual processing. So If you interest to be a Co-Admin to GSoC 2020 - OpenMRS, Please fill this following G Form with your interests,


Please fill it before - Sunday (22/12/2019)

Cc: @ayesh @mozzy @mavrk



Amazing, more oppourtunities to learn as a student :smile: