Being GSOC 2020 ADMIN

Following the Announcement of the GSOC 2020 as per this talk post , I would like to volunteer this time round and take on the role of the GSOC 2020 administrator as per this wiki page, in order to handle tasks related to the success of OpenMRS projects for the calendar year while supporting students and mentors during the 2020 GSOC program’s duration.

Thanks ,

cc @suthagar23 @dkayiwa @jennifer


Hi every one,i will be glad to take on this with you moses cc @jennifer @suthagar23

Thats a very good initiative and early startup .am behind you man @mozzy , @herbert24

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This is so encouraging and I wish you the best.

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GSoC is a great initiative by Google and brings young talented software developers to OpenMRS community every year. Having been a GSoC student as well as a mentor for OpenMRS in the past, I’d love to contribute again in 2020 as a mentor or as an org admin :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your interest @mozzy and every one.

Since we have enough people, We will do an evaluation to select the potential candidate for next year’s GSoC Administration work.

Cc: @jennifer


Hi all,

Look at the Co-Admin interest form here,


Here is my proposal for GSOC 2020 for the Android Client 2.9.x

Please submit it in the dashboard as a draft proposal also.

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I have already submitted.

May I know when I will receive the feedback for my proposal?

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