Announcing Bahmni 0.92 Release Candidate

Dear All,

We are happy to announce the Bahmni 0.92 Release Candidate. This release primarily focuses on Platform/Infrastructure upgrades, and ERP upgrade. Apart from the critical fixes, no new functionality was planned for this release.

Platform & Infrastructure Upgrade:

  • Operating System upgraded to CentOS7.4+
  • Nagios 4.3
  • Mysql upgrade 5.7
  • Postgres upgrade 9.6
  • Apache upgrade 2.4

Component Upgrade:

  • Odoo 10 - with this release, we have moved from OpenERP7 to Odoo 10.


  1. OS: CentOS 7.4 +
  2. If you are using Vagrant, you can try locally by spawning up a new Vagrant with CentOS7 minimal. For example, download a sample Vagrant file from here.

curl -o Vagrantfile

vagrant up

System resource allocations will depend on what all components that you want, but 8GB is a pretty good to work with.


  1. Download and setup the installer

curl -o

sudo su

yum install bahmni-installer-0.92-110.noarch.rpm

  1. Configure your setup
  • Use a sample “setup.yml” file

curl -O

  • Open and modify the file, and add the repo link


  • You may modify other parameters/variables. For example: timezone, passwords etc
  • Copy the “setup.yml” file to /etc/bahmni-installer/
  • Modify the inventory file “local” (/etc/bahmni-installer/local) to make changes of components you wish to keep/remove. You can just remove/add the component from the group. For example: to install “bahmni-lab”, add the destination machine IP or FQDN under [bahmni-lab]
  1. Run installation

bahmni -i local install

Known Issues

  1. BAH-841 - Discount Amount is not calculated in Journal Entry while validate Invoice. (Work in Progress)
  2. We are also trying to work out “Receive payment” other than cash. (This would hopefully not require code change)

Advanced Installation

  1. Please refer to the documentation on Advanced Installation. The WIKI documentation may refer to 0.91, but they should work for 0.92 as well.

  2. Please also refer Installing and Configuring Bahmni Connect for Bahmni Connect Setup

  3. Connect APK Link

Upgrade Instructions

  1. There is no automated updated from 0.91 to 0.92 because of OS change, which probably means you need a different machine/instance. We will be updating and publishing documents on migration to help you assist in this process. As of now, we can import all databases (you can mention the database dumps during installation) other than openerp. We will be coming up with documented approach (manual way) from moving from OpenERP to Odoo

  2. If you are unable to migrate to Odoo, because of various operational reasons, fear not. You can still use your existing OpenERP7 implementation and connect to Bahmni 0.92 for rest of the functions. You would need a different machine running OpenERP, or one that is running in a container/virtual machine. There would be few manual steps to follow though.

Post Installation

  1. Rebuild Search Index: It’s mandatory to rebuild search indexes from the OpenMRS UI. Without this, Patient, Drug and Concept searches won’t work in Bahmni or OpenMRS. Please rebuild the indexes post install/upgrade: OpenMRS => Navigate to Administration => Search Index => Run Rebuild Search Index.
  2. Odoo configuration: Even with default installation, Odoo comes with a very basic setup. We strongly advise, you take time to setup and configure Odoo. Describing a setup for a comprehensive Odoo implementation, is beyond Bahmni’s scope. However, for the integration of Odoo with the rest of the system (mainly Clinical), we have tried to document the essential configurations/setup required.
  • Please follow the “Odoo Configuration” document
  • Please provide us with corrections/feedback or suggestions.
  • You may leave a commit (with your name) in the document.
  1. Login credentials: If you have installed using “default” setup (setup.yml => implementation_name: default), the credentials would be.
  • Bahmni Clinical : superman/Admin123
  • Lab: admin/adminADMIN!
  • Billing: admin/admin
  • Radiology: admin/admin

What happens next?

  1. For the next 2 weeks, we are in the “Community QA” phase.
  • We would appreciate anyone willing to help in this process. If you want to contribute, and coordinate with the core-team, please ping/DM us on talk or slack.
  1. You may test out the RC on your machine or on QA environments (Qa-08)
  2. For any issues, please respond in this thread.
  • All reported issues will be initially registered on a temporary Excel sheet and shared with the community to keep pace with. (Temporary since eventually all issues are either closed or entered in JIRA).

    – Please use this link to keep track of the excel file for any reported issues

  1. The core-team will look onto the issues reported, triage and prioritise on a continuous basis.
  • Prioritization will happen in the daily standup calls. If you want to talk to the team and/or highlight issues etc, feel free to join us on zoom ( at 2:30 pm IST (9 am UTC). You may also talk to us on Bahmni slack.
  • Usually only critical/blockers issues will be considered. Minor issues/enhancements will be registered onto JIRA for subsequent release assessments.
  1. We will be taking frequent builds onto QA environments, as soon as any issue is resolved. The designated public QA instance (QA-08) will go through update once daily. We will announce of build availability through slack and talk.
  2. All goes great, we will be looking at formal release in 2 weeks time.


  1. We plan to arrange for multiple demo sessions on Odoo. We will notify on this thread. These sessions will be recorded and uploaded to Bahmni Youtube channel.

At the same time

  1. We will be updating WIKI, especially for Odoo documentation. We plan to create parallel pages (still keeping OpenERP7 pages) for Odoo 10.
  2. We will be updating videos on Odoo on Bahmni community channel

The very first patient created without any visit shows one quotation with 3 orders in ODOO. Could it be data issue?

The subsequent patient I created does not have this “default” quotation.

For confirmed sales order too when “Sales” icon is clicked from Customers->Select a customer->Sales (far top right) it gives error as shown in the above image (red box). Is it because of some configuration?

WOw !! Finally we got RC!! Possible Team will be happy to do QA.


I get following error when trying to install vagrant box.

Command: “rsync” “–verbose” “–archive” “–delete” “-z” “–copy-links” “–chmod=ugo=rwX” “–no-perms” “–no-owner” “–no-group” “–rsync-path” “sudo rsync” “-e” “ssh -p 2222 -o LogLevel=FATAL -o IdentitiesOnly=yes -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -i ‘C:/Users/laxma/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key’” “–exclude” “.vagrant/” “/d/Projects/bahmni/bahmni92/” "vagrant@"

Error: This rsync lacks old-style --compress due to its external zlib. Try -zz. Continuing without compression.

I am assuming this happens when you say - “vagrant up” or “vagrant provision”. I don’t think its particular for Bahmni 0.92. The sample vagrantfile does not have anything specific to Bahmni at all. I am not sure if you have installed - vbox guest additions. Run the following command and try vagrant up again.

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

By the way, you may track all reported issues onto this Excel Sheet.

Note: only core team can curate the excel sheet, if you want to discuss any reported issue - please join the daily standup. Report any issues/feedback on this talk thread only. (Unless of course a issue requires longer discussion, in which case, we would advice creating a separate thread)

The latest build is available on Contains fixes for JIRA cards BAH-808, BAH-841, BAH-842

Also, we will be tearing off product-qa08 databases tomorrow and recreating it. (We realized that we didn’t configure it properly, and once data is captured for sales/accounting etc, its not easy to change things easily - i.e I can’t import an CoA template once the data is captured)

We cannot test BAH 841 (Discount bug) as this server does not have chart_of_account_hierarchy module installed and we could not find one to install it on that environment. If you could install the same, we can test and report back

We installed it locally and tested BAH 841 (Discount). Though most of the issues have been resolved but the Net Amount in Print Receipt shows bill amount + tax + discount instead of bill amount + tax - discount

This is most likely because of this line of code


I have installed the “CoA hierarchy” module on product-qa04. Can you check it out? and replicate the issue there?

A new build is available at

I got an issue when installing EMR+ERP only (without installing OpenELIS).

created patients and orders are not syncing to odoo and this is the log from bahmni-erp-connect :

Cc: @angshuonline, @mksrom

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@zouchine Thanks for the logs. Investigating …

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Bug acknowledged. Can you put this file (/opt/bahmni-erp-connect/bahmni-erp-connect/WEB-INF/classes/ on pastebin, so that we can confirm our findings?

JIRA card: BAH-844

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I ran into this error for the version 0.92 ,while trying to create a concept,

whats the solution for this

this is the content of :

@ramashish @zouchine

  • The issue above is due to using “default” bahmni. if you use “default” implementation, (you can change that in setup.yml), bahmni installer is going to use the default-config and also start with a default database, where essential metadata and some sample data (like Diagnosis, Tests) etc are loaded. But it does not/should not have any data.
  • Seems like the base Odoo database dump for default - had a customer and order/order_line entries for that customer already.
  • When you create a patient in Clinical, the identifier for “bahmni patient identifier” probably starts from that number
  • When it syncs to Odoo, it identifies the existing customer (with the identifier) and thats how you see the “ghost” order :slight_smile:

We are going to be clean up the base db. that should resolve the problem.

At the same time, I would urge - start afresh from a configuration that is not named “default” - its going to take a little work to setup the metadata, but its worthwhile.

Registered Bug BAH-847


Confirmed. We are fixing this. In the meantime, you can edit the same file and add the following lines to get it working.

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@stephencoduor replied on the other thread. Let us know