Android Client App 3.0 x

Hi everyone, I want to contribute to Android Client app 3.0x but I dont know where to start. I am new to the community, since client app 3.0 x is a part of GSOC projects should I first get accepted in GSOC and then start contributing or I can do it now too. Please guide me.

You can start contributing from now only @nikmohammad . You can take some of the introductory issues and start.

Thank you @akshatji can u put the link to the issue trackers plz

You can register yourself at and ask for jira issue tracker access. You can check this thread for more info for android-client. For more queries, you should use OpenMRS Talk.

@nikmohammad this can also be useful for you.

Thank you dear @akshatji , I have made an account with opernmrs but when i am trying to login to get access to issuetracker always says wrong username or wrong captcha, I have tried a lot since last 2 hours the problem does not resolve

You need to first register here @nikmohammad If you have done that then wait for sometime as it usually takes sometime for id to get reviewed.

@akshatji I am able to log in now, I am going through issues, it seems most of issues belong to last year and even before that, should I report a new issue and work on that or work on the issues which are already there from before. thanks in advance.

@nikmohammad Yes you can always report a new issue and work on that for reporting a new issue you just need to click on create button.

@akshatji I could not find the create button dear, can you send a screen shot. I am also confused with my account the link that you have sent to create an account, I did create and seems fine. But in the right top corner there is again another login button which does not accep my credentials and throughs error saying captcha is wrong :persevere:

@nikmohammad Have you created your OpenMRS account through one of the link I sent above? If yes then wait for sometime and then login. You have also to ask access for jira issue tracker via generating a request token have you done that?

@akshatji I have created an account here I can read issues but unable to create one I have requested access here Jira Service Management but in status it says waiting for customer. What is the next step according to you

@nikmohammad wait for getting access to the jira issue tracker. Maybe it will be granted by in 4 to 5 hrs. You will receive a mail when it will be granted to you.

Thank you very much for your help. Appreciate it.

Feel free to look at the GSoC warm practices on this link GSoC 2021: Warm up practices for students

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Anytime ready for help we are all here to help each other and learn and grow.:blush:

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