An overview of the forthcoming next release for REF-APP 2.11.0

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Hi All , As we plan for the next release of REF-APP 2.11.0 we would like to initiate an overall discussion on how to accomplish ref-app release this year, . Due to that fact and limited time , i would like us to share different ideas in relation to TAC and last release for ref-app to gather information and technical guidance to make things meet.

REF-APP release is kinda different from platform since it includes releasing all the modules planned to be included in the 2.x release and testing if all of them functions collectively.

1.What we have :Technical guidance from the Former release managers and the community at large for implementation, debugging and testing purposes. For this matter we stand to initiate this release as we get guidance from the community

    • Thursday group call about the release: What time is this call?
  • High-level overview of 2.11 release: From TAC conversations and other notes so far, it sounds like the main goals of the 2.11 release are: Update modules, add bug fixes, and incorporate micro frontend module (without production implications). Does this resonate for people? Is there something missing from this high-level list?
  • Next steps for Updated Modules list : We need to create a new release page like the 2.10 Tracking page with a table that compares the previous module versions in 2.10 to the latest version #'s of those modules now?
  • Next steps for tracking bug fixes : Maybe others can help here - how do we typically track which bugs are fixed in a RefApp release? Do we just assume that the bug fixes are included in the latest module versions? Maybe all we need to do is create a Jira search filter that shows us all the bug tickets marked “done” since the 2.10 release, and label these with the 2.11 Release so these can be reviewed and checked. This would also be helpful to guide what we write about in the Release Notes (e.g. “Bugs that have been fixed are…”). thanks to @grace for a detailed information.

3: TODOs, We as team/squad we need to work together to test every module that will be included in the next release with the help of module maintainers , reviewers and implementers to make sure they reach a standard and plans according to the information gathered from TAC and module mantainers . :We are also in the process of establishing the roadmap for reference-application which is on going so would also encourage individuals to join call which happen on thursday to participate here is the former thread that will guide us here with the on going Technical RoadMap.

Anyone in the community is free to participate in this thread Feel free to leave a comment, idea, suggestion on how we can cooperate in the next release of Ref-app 2.11.0 thanks

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Thank you @sharif for this thoughtful post to kick off our RefApp 2.11 release planning in more detail :slight_smile:

Two immediate thoughts:

  1. When/where is this call on Thursday? Are you booking that @sharif?
  2. I hope that all community members who are aware of interesting module updates, bug fixes, or other interesting features will share their thoughts here.

Not really, it was just like a reminder for TAC meeting call since will surely use that call to spearhead most of the WIP.

Meanwhile we would wish to have more insight about tracking bugs in different modules , cc @dkayiwa @mozzy @ruhanga @mksd @ibacher @bistenes thanks

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the simplest way is to track by the Jira tickets closed off, for a given release version , (search by ticket status and release label)


Thanks for your clarification, What you mean jira tickets closed off

Tickets done and closed

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Ok thanks for that insight

I like using the list of merged PRs for producing changelogs. This can be produced very easily with github_changelog_generator. This will catch work that was done but not ticketed in Jira (hopefully no one is ever committing directly to master!).

EDIT: NB, I’ve never been a RefApp release manager or anything; I don’t know whether there are any unusual concerns there.


Thanks @bistenes for that clarification.

I think you will help us in calling and reminding the module maintainers in different module concerns to reflect on the current improvements in module which will give us a more light weight overview of where we are going for the next Ref-app release. How do you see that

We do this all the time. :smile:


Interesting :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Sorry, I can’t commit to that at this time.


Kindly create a page like this on the wiki. It will help you keep track of all openmrs modules, their latest release version and the person to contact.

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@jwnasambu Sure thanks for that reminder ,Am currently doing that, however it seems there are modules that we might need to talk about which seem to be deprecated and need to be removed presumably in today’s TAC which thanks @jwnasambu

Hello , Back in the days we were hoping to include Covid-19 module in the ref-app 2.10.0 thanks to @akanter @mozzy for great work adding the covid-19 concept for metadata packages in the ciel dictionary, So i would like to bring this to our attention whether its time to fully include covid-19 module in the next release ref-app 2.11.0 .Do we still need this module to be included in the next release!, is it updated to reach certain implementers goals! cc @akanter @burke @dkayiwa @ibacher @mozzy thanks


  1. What value would the module add?

  2. What does the module bring to the table with regard to workflows

  3. Where is its documentation?


Thanks @ssmusoke , as it was a perception i may not provide a broden workflow however , Thanks to cc @ball among improved work done by PIH for covid-19 impatient-care , covid-19 Lab ordering and Data Exchange Use case. i think through those resources we would also combine efforts and give it a shot. Currently we are only basing on the current covid-19 concept metadata packages which were added in CIEL dictionary and which i think we should continue to maintain.

There is alot of discussions that is on going about covid-19 on talk ,slack and irc but this can be of help some how. it’s just my overview so i would wish to hear from this perspective