An overview of the forthcoming next release for REF-APP 2.11.0

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To be perfectly frank, I’m not sure bundling the COVID-19 metadata with RefApp 2.10 was the right move (while I agree that publishing a version of that metadata as a metadata sharing package was useful, I’m just not sure about including in the default distribution).

I personally don’t think that the COVID-19 module is in any state to be considered part of a release at this point. Of course, things may change depending on the timeframe for the 2.11 release as we will be undertaking additional work related to COVID-19 and that work might be worth packaging together.

I now strongly believe it was a wrong move.

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I think its probably time to roll back this change

I cannot agree any less!


Thanks Everyone for this wonderful thought, we would love to hear from @akanter the concept CIEL dictionary lead . We would also add this in the next TAC meeting for more @grace

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True , covid-19 module need to be re-revised again to meet the standard if we are to re-consider it back in this release

However this is an opportunity for an OpenMRS covid distribution, easily made by using the covid module as a distribution entry point, just add a with the latest reference app as the parent distro and voila, it has life


I think that the concept dictionary included in the Ref App does not necessarily have to only include concepts used by the Ref App. Since many people build on top of the Ref App, having additional concepts in there seems like low overhead and shouldn’t be a reason not to include them. Given the pandemic and the desire to give people a way to respond using OpenMRS, I would think we would want to get to some base state on which people can build (therefore include as much COVID content that is relevant and ready to go). However, the best way to do this is probably through an add-on package (concepts only, concepts and forms, or whatever). Frankly, I am not sure what happened to mess up a personal concept dictionary. There is no guarantee that there won’t be changes to concepts in the Ref App, so there should be no overwriting regardless. Even if not COVID-related.

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I had proposed earlier that the days of a single reference application are probably over, it would make sense to have multiple “Ref App” distributions developed and supported by OpenMRS community, to be able to better “compete” in the marketplace

From my limited experience I would say

  1. General OPD
  2. Covid
  3. HIV and TB
  4. MCH - antenatal, maternity, postnatal and early childhood (immunization)

Many will grimace at the thought but IMO, 2-4 are modules with specific workflows that build on the Ref App distribution (there is no much additional automation that is needed).

Obviously Ref App distro project may need to be moved in favor of module based referencing with


fyi @sharif @grace I noticed a typo in which suggests a target release date of January 2020. I assume that was meant to me January 2021? I ask because I wanted to confirm that is still our target, I know on the another thread there was talk of moving it up? I’m curious because if the target is still January and the idea is to go into user acceptance testing is in October, my thought would be to wait until September to start doing all the module releases.

Also, I forget, did we decide if Ref App 2.11 is going to use Core 2.3.x or 2.4.x? Thanks!

Take care, Mark

@mogoodrich Thanks for that check , i corrected that. However that estimation release deadline is still not yet confirmed so we would like to talk about that in the next meeting, May be you would help us in the version updates for the next release since you concerned of many modules thanks

@mogoodrich it looks like 2.4.0 is the preference

@sharif do you want to compare Module Target Versions with the Snapshots ?

@tendomart True ,According to last meeting, i was instructed to locate those module versions in order to track versions for current ref-app 2.10 with targeted version for coming ref-app 2.11.0

@tendomart @sharif if the Ref App is targeting Core 2.4.0, I would probably hold off doing module releases until the Core/Platform 2.4.0 is stable and released?

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That’s definitely true thanks @mogoodrich .we are still in reviewing tickets, looking for bugs in different core modules, bythe time platform is to be released, we will have gone miles of stablizing modules to be released

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@sharif Can you please point out reference application(2.11) build link and would like to test it in my local machine.

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@prapakaran currently we don’t have a bundled Reference Application 2.11.0 ready for testing , however, we can set up a testing environment by using openmrs sdk using this link openmrs sdk and then if all goes well with sdk setup choose a distribution version as Reference application 2.11.0-SNAPSHOT. there you are good to go. let me know for any blocker please @prapakaran

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You could also test it directly from:

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@sharif @dkayiwa Can you please point to Travis CI build, that i could take and put into my local docker and test all modules including appointment and order entry.

Do you want to test all modules using openmrs docker ?