Adding a patient portal

Hi Everyone, My use case happens to be adding a patient portal to the already existing Bahmni platform; this simply means a typical patient owns his/her health record and has the right to share them.

I was wishing to find out if any body here has done some work on this and how can i go about implementing my use case.

@leroi I’ve a similar requirement and its on my ‘To-Do’ list. I’m looking forward to get some ideas on how to go proceed with the implementation of patient portal.

Hi @leroi,

Currently Bahmni doesn’t have any interface for patients to see their “own” data only. All interfaces are designed towards the health provider to see the patient data as a dashboard / snapshot.

There are of course Bahmni / OpenMRS APIs that can expose patient data (and visits/encounters/observations), which could be leveraged to build this UI – but one will also need to think about how to generate a patients’ username & password – plus how to give authorization for the patient to only see their record. I don’t think OpenMRS Backend has the ability to give authorization at record level.

Hi themoonraker13

How soon can you begin work on the implementation of patient portal into Bahmni??

Hi @gsluthra

I have been doing some diggings and it seems it is already implemented in OpenMRS

The video below also shows more

What do you think??

@leroi currently I’m focusing some other important stuff like multi-tenant architecture development and can’t say exactly when will I pickup the patient portal development task. Our requirements are similar but patient portal for my application will involve a slight different architecture.

It does seem to be targetting similar usecase as yours. You can try it out. I am not familiar with this module.

A note on the PHR module wiki page you linked to says “still under construction” and the wiki page was last updated in 2012. I would expect that this module is (a) not built to run against modern versions of OpenMRS (including Bahmni), and (b) is not finished.

My understanding is that adding a patient-facing portal will be low on the core Bahmni team’s roadmap, since they are most interested in lower-resource settings, where the number of patients who would be able to practically access their own records is vanishingly small.

However a patient-facing portal would really be a separate standalone application on top of the same database, so it would be very possible for someone outside of the Bahmni core team to build this. (If you had access to developers, you could make this happen.)

Hi @darius Thanks for the feedback and heads-up, That certainly clears up the air.

We are using FHIR with @milan to build a PHR portal

Hi @judy That’s some great news, can you update us on your progress.

When is the beta release??

Sorry for the delays

Its still very generic for now as we are building the backbone

What is your specific use case ? This way i can let you know if it will be applicable to you


@judy Use case: An easy to use patient portal with access to the following basic features

  • Patient logins

  • Printing and sharing hospital reports and lab results

  • Discharge summaries

  • Medications prescriptions and maybe upcoming appointments

Any update on this Patient Portal…?

Hello Arjun, Bahmni team doesn’t have plans for a patient portal in the immediate future roadmap.

Arjun, There is a patient portal module in OpenMRS which I don’t know if it would work in Bahmni, and it hasn’t been updated in a while as well.

I also know that there’s a Colombian company called Vitalbox ( that has created a personal health record on top of OpenMRS, again, I don’t know if it would work on Bahmni. You could try and reach out to them.

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Any updates on this thread?

We also need a patient portal as stated by @leroi

If I can borrow @lerio post on this thread, this is the same use case as we need:

Use case: An easy to use patient portal with access to the following basic features *** Patient logins**

  • Printing and sharing EMR reports and lab results

  • Discharge / Billing summaries

  • Medications prescriptions

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Build your own?

I would imagine that that would be a different app which would possibly consume the APIs are just simply list down reverse chronological order of visits and encounters.

We built one for another context, (not over openmrs or bahmni) - just a shell app which uses APIs of EMR to get info and render accordingly. You can have a separate db for user access and use a trusted-subsystem-model (e.g. JDBC DB connection) to fetch info.

Simple and independent.