Appointment scheduling directly by Patient online

Application Name: OpenMRS Version Number: 2.0.X

Question: Is it possible for patient to register himself and fix appointment online directly in OpenMRS. If we have to implement this feature how can we do this.

Are these links of any help?

Hi, the suggested url is for patient to maintain his/her own health record etc. But as per our requirement we need to have one online portal with below feature.

  1. Patient can access and submit the registration form to clinic/hospital after filling registration form.By default the login id will be given as patient id.
  2. After registration patient can look for an appointment scheduling by searching disease and related available doctor as per schedule.
  3. Can print the Acknowledgement number and visit the respective clinic and registration desk person can search his/her appointment detail.
  4. SMS/Email notification should be sent.

Please suggest if we have any module which can support this.

Am not aware of any module for doing such.

Ok. Also the module which is mentioned in your suggested url is under progress or completed. How can i get the code for that.

I gave multiple links. Which one are you referring to?

I think the links for code are on this: