Add On Index work updates of Gsoc 2017

This post will now feature all the work done during Gsoc 2017 on Add-On Index.

This post continues from here and is now present under the new Add-On Index category unlike the previous post.

A quick summary of the updates so far are:

Done so far :

  • Update list of modules to the latest modules from Ref App 2.6 as well

  • Created new JIRA space for Add-Ons issues

What are we working on as of 1st June,2017?

  • Creating an about page: It contains information about the project and also info on how to get a module indexed in Add-Ons and how to contribute to the project.

         Current status: Created a pull request which was reviewed. Now working on the changes.
         Estimated time of completion : 2nd June ,2017
  • Improving the search algorithm being used : Improve the search algorithm used to search for different modules

         Current status: Waiting for community feedback on the shortcomings of the current algorithm in use.
         Estimated time of completion : 4th June ,2017

WEEK 2 Update:

Researched about elasticsearch and came up with a good algorithm that addresses all of our concerns.

Created a PR for AO-2 here.

More details on the changes made and future improvements may be found here.

Have we completed last week’s work successfully?

Yes! :star2:

What are we working on as of 10th June,2017 and the following week?

  • Display compatibility of the module with current installed OpenMRS version : We will be able to sort a module based on our platform version . This has been discussed here.

       Current status: Beginning work on this feature
       Estimated time of completion : 17th June ,2017
  • Improved Tagging support : We hope to improve the utility of the tag feature we already have implemented. For ex: We could click on the tag and all the modules of that tag could show up.

       Current status: Waiting for completion of the above feature first
       Estimated time of completion : 17th June ,2017