GSoC 2017 - Add-On Index enhancements updates

Continuing the discussion from here

This thread is will be used for posting the GSoC updates pertaining to this project on a weekly basis

OpenMRS Add Ons is a project that aims at changing the way OpenMRS modules are hosted. It aims at leaving the choice of the hosting location of a module in the hands of the developer and thereby give the developer more flexibility with respect to the location of his/her modules.

After a discussion with @darius and @mseaton , we have come up with a list of features to be implemented in Add Ons . Add Ons is expected to soon be replacing the existing modulus and go live in a few weeks from now. We will be having weekly sprints and we hope to have new release along with each sprint.

Including the To-Dos before going live:

  • Include a link - " How to add your module "

  • Update the list of reference application 2.6 modules within addons

Here are a list of features to be implemented :

  • Improve searching algorithm

  • Improved Tagging support

  • Display compatibility of the module with current installed OpenMRS version

  • Download counts , ratings

These are are the current top priority goals which we will be working on once we complete the shift from modulus to add ons . There are more features to be included which we enumerate based on user feedback and once we are done with the above listed ones.

For any suggestions about new features, you may use this link

For any questions please feel free to contact @reubenv , @darius or @mseaton !

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Not sure if you want to feature request here, but I would like to see a link to the source code (maybe to the repository’s page) embedded in the app. We need to both to make it easy for module authors to find out how to add or edit their entry in the index and help lower the bar for developers to contribute to the admins index project itself.

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Yes , we have already included that as a To Do before addons goes live.

I have also created a help desk ticket requesting for a space in Jira for Add Ons. This will further enable the community contribute to the development of this project. Once that is done we will edit the on the github repository and also point to it from the addons webapp.

You may use this for feature requests. I have also edited the OP to include your suggestions and feature suggestions link.

Thanks for the pointers though ! :slight_smile: