2020-07-17: Technical Action Committee (TAC)

Our next TAC meeting is this Friday. Agenda and notes here. Please note the time has been moved 1 hr earlier per last week’s decision, so that the timing works better for more people.

When: Friday, 10 July 2020 at 7:30pm IST | 5pm Nairobi | 4pm Cape Town | 2pm UTC | 10am EST | 7am PST.

Where To join the call by phone, dial +1-888-510-4073. To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and go to: https://www.uberconference.com/openmrs

There is quite a lot to cover tomorrow - for topics you’re interested in, please see the links included for relevant background. Our goal is not to dive into each topic in detail, but to make sure the overall direction and any needed endorsements are clear.

Brief Updates

  • (5 mins) Update: Patient List design discussion - summary of decisions & next steps (@burke) (background here)

  • (5 mins) Update: Shared Responsibility for Quality (misconception about hand-over from squads to QA Support team) (@christine)

  • (5 mins) Update: Style Guide next steps (please review the update post here)

  • (5 mins) Proposal: Release Calendar (@grace) - numerous projects with upcoming releases not tied to core/RefApp schedule (e.g. FHIR2, OCL for OpenMRS, MFE Prototype)

Bigger Topics

  • (10 mins) Platform & RefApp releases: (@jennifer) i.d. manager and next steps

  • (10 mins) Module Maintenance Plan (@bistenes): what are the next concrete steps?

  • (10 mins) Migration Path to 3.0 (@burke): next steps to start identifying?

  • (10 mins) Condition List issues MFE squad facing (@mksd) - brief overview; follow-up plan/next design steps

If Time

  • Intro to Issue Process Discussion (@grace @ibacher @dkayiwa): Look at our Jira Health Dashboard. Propose focused session to discuss our current vs ideal process for grooming issues/tickets as they come in (reviewing, triaging, assigning, etc), and maybe simplify some of our Jira bells and whistles (examples here). Guidance for community re. GitHub Issues (pros and cons here).

Who Anyone in the community who is interested in and has an opinion about the technical direction of OpenMRS.

@burke @mksd @ibacher @dkayiwa @wanyee @janflowers @ssmusoke @jdick @aojwang @morrisng @mogoodrich @ggomez @bashir @ball @ccwhite23 @akanter @akimaina @herbert24 @bistenes @tendomart


Thank you to all who attended.

Notes here; and the recording is here.


Thanks @grace