You decide on the #OMRS19 Banner

Hey Everyone!

We received two banner designs for this year’s implementers conference. Please take some time and vote on your prefered design by 31st Aug 2019.

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@christine Am done. Thanks for your efforts in this event.

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can you share the voting link , would go with design 2

You don’t need a link to vote.Just click on the banner of your choice and your vote will be counted.

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Can we make a fourth logo in the second design transparent? It kind of stick out right now.

I’m pretty sure you can get the PEPFAR logo without a background, which will align with the rest of the logos (and generally look better with the background of design #2).

Click on any of the banner to vote… copy the URL and share.

Both look great! I expected the OMRS19 to be a little large/more visible, though. Does the OpenMRS logo need to be on a white background? I’d think @burke would know the details…

Agree, we’d like to promote use of the #OMRS19 hashtag and it is nearly invisible in these designs. I would suggest eliminating the tiny ribbon containing the hashtag and changing the large text to something like “Mozambique 2019 (#OMRS19)” or “#OMRS19: Mozambique 2019”.

The logo does not have to be on white, but it would be better to use the official logo rather than may amateur attempt at adding 3D effect years ago. While the official logo material is available for download from the page, it unfortunately doesn’t include a transparent version of the logo. Here’s an attempt at transparency; you might be able to do better:

Thanks, @burke! You are all over this :slight_smile:

Thank you all for you feedback and taking time to review the banners.