Xforms OpenMRS adding Radio button

Platform Version: Centos OpenMRS Version: 1.9.8

Question: Hi , I’m currently using xforms 4.5.6 for editing the patient registration page, my problem is that I want to add a radio button, but I can’t edit its properties. Is there something I missed ?

What do you eventually want to use the radio button for?

well I want to use it for identifying if the patient is either a walk-in patient or a patient with HMO , my client doesn’t want the drop down list style, and if the patient has an HMO then a drop down list would come out displaying all HMO that the system caters…

is that possible sir??

thanks a lot for the reply ! :smiley:

While in the form designer, select “Save As” from the “File” menu. Then paste the file contents at pastebin.com I will take a look and advice accordingly.

OK currently working on it, I didnt see your post yesterday , another question . I’m trying to integrate the autogeneration of ID’s but when I use it in the patient form It doesn’t work…

Here is my pastebin, I haven’t added the radiobutton though …


Can you describe what you mean by it doesn’t work? By the way, did you take a look at? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/XForms+Module+Patient+Registration

yes I’ve enabled the xforms already… What I meant was the auto generation of IDS are not working with the xform, but if I don’t use the xform , it works fine.

Do you get any errors when you try to auto generate IDs?

well the only error is that the identifier is blank, if I’m going to register using the usual patient form, there is a check box to be clicked in order to generate an ID , that is what I think is causing the problem, because when using the xforms, it doesnt show the check box for generation.

Did you read this page and do what it says for auto generation of ids? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/XForms+Module+Patient+Registration

yes sir I’ve done that too, but for example I cancel the creation of patient, and try to create again, It just shows the Opening form ( please wait while processing) window, and I think its stuck there… But yea It auto generated an ID of 1 ( i configured it to start to 1 )

What values do you have for these two global properties/settings? xforms.autoGeneratePatientIdentifier and xforms.new_patient_identifier_type_id

true, and the id number of the identifier type

What is the exact number?

well the patiendIdentifierTpyeID is = 3 so I input 3

After trying you create a new patient, can you paste the contents of your tomcat log at? http://pastebin.com/

ok, im working on it, fyi in openmrs log it doesnt show anything helpful, thats ok right?

Do not mind, just send the log after trying to create the patient.

here it is sir http://pastebin.com/TU2x0N1b