WIP blogs and website

Hi everyone,

While cleaning up some DNS records, I’ve discovered a few community related pages which appears to not be used anymore.

Is there anyone willing to continue these pages? We are currently paying to run them.

Is there anyone with access to these two resources?

Ideally, we’d either have someone willing to continue the work or we’d just delete/stop using it completely.

planet.openmrs.org should stay IMHO

I believe @jeffneiman can say which of beta/next are still supposed to be around.

@jeffneiman anything you know about those services?

@r0bby do you know how to edit planet or should I contact the provider?

I have no idea how to do it sadly – nor where it’s hosted.

Beta is supposed to be worked on by an organization volunteering to upgrade our site to a more modern theme.

I’ve never seen Next, but I actually prefer the direction of that one over Beta. For now, let’s keep both up and I’ll get an update on what’s happening with the site; I might be taking over the project and I’d like to have both those options, but I’ll get a definitive answer by the end of the month so we don’t continue wasting money on them.

Cool! Assuming I can get control over http://planet.openmrs.org/ , would we have anyone interested in updating/continuing that? I’d ask the same about blogs.

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I’m more than keen to work on that!

What exactly were the intentions and goals of planet???

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Aggregate blogs of all members of the OpenMRS community. See this.

Cool, I will then try to recover credentials and details on planet. Do you want credentials for blog.openmrs.org as well?

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Please! That would be really helpful.

If you guys wouldn’t mind, I’d like a bit of guidance on the planet site as that’s something I’ve never done before so I’ll have questions at some point. First being, what would be the best way to source the authors for the feed? Do we have a list somewhere or should I request that people provide feed links from their blogs?

I presume that what’s currently there is mostly a compilation of blogs that were started during GSoC. (Which is why you’ll see things from GSoC alums that aren’t OpenMRS-relevant.)


Don’t worry yet about planet, I will have to find out how to admin it, credentials and everything.

Don’t hold your breath :smiley:

The solution to that problem is to get people to tag their blog posts for OpenMRS and only add the rss feed for that tag to the planet.

If someone has to approve feeds to be added to the planet, they could make sure they do not approve feeds that don’t include an appropriate tag.

@jeffneiman, @cintiadr,

I’m interested in helping with the Planet.

I would be willing to write up instructions on how someone can get their OpenMRS-related posts onto the Planet, and that we are expecting bloggers to tag their posts in such a way that we only syndicated their OpenMRS posts (not everything they write), and how to do that.

I would also be willing to check the newly submitted feeds to be sure that they are appropriately tagged and to add them to the planet.

I might even be willing to check the older feeds and contact those bloggers about tagging their posts.

What I am not willing to do is configure, upgrade, or skin the planet software/server.

Let me know if you would like me to help.

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It’s surprisingly easy.

Good thing is, you don’t need to do that :smiley: Apparently all that needs to be done is modify that repository, and there will be a build to update the server :smiley:

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