Reviving (just in time for GSOC?)

Continuing the discussion from WIP blogs and website:

I offered to clean up and manage the Planet ( and with the GSoC students about to start their blogging, I want to get started.

Things that I need to begin:

  1. @cintiadr: I will need to be able to make changes to so that I can add new feeds. Do you want to give me commit access to that repository, or should I create pull requests for you to approve?

  2. How should people get feeds to me to add to the planet? Options:

  • A thread on Talk where people post their feed? Hopefully we could add a link to the thread on the home page of the planet.

  • People put in a Help Desk request? Those would have to be routed to me somehow.

  • Something else?

  1. I will work on writing up instructions on how to create a category or tag for OpenMRS, so that people send us feeds that contain only their posts about OpenMRS.

Something else to think about: was also mentioned in the original thread. That is a WordPress site that currently has nothing on it. I’m not sure what the current thinking is about that site should be, but we could use it to aggregate feeds from peoples’ blogs if there is no plan to use it for more “official” blogs.

There is a WordPress plugin called FeedWordPress that aggregates feeds onto a WordPress site. I have used it to aggregate student blogs onto our department blog. If we go this route, we could redirect both and to a single site.

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I don’t have answers to those questions :slight_smile:

  1. I will ask about your access. On the meantime, can you raise PRs? Usually @dkayiwa is extremely fast to merge pull requests! :smiley:

  2. I tend to think that helpdesk is sort of cumbersome. I would ask @jeffneiman, @burke and @dkayiwa, they know the community better than I do. Some other options I can think:

- Ask them to raise PRs
  • Raise JIRA tickets
  • Add comments on a wiki page.
  1. I don’t particularly mind if it’s decided to merge blogs and planet, but I tend to find wordpress difficult to manage (it’s not easily configured as code, hence my bias). Also, we pay for wordpress hosting, but we don’t pay in planet. I suppose @jeffneiman can answer this one.

Sorry I haven’t done anything with Planet aside from brief research, I’ve been working on and trying to get an update on beta, ultimately to just see what people thought about a potential new website design. Let me know your thoughts! I’m not finished because I’ve only spent a few hours on it and internet is kinda slow here…

As for acquiring the feeds I think we should publish a Talk post with each student tagged and then reach out personally to any of the students that don’t reply there. Seems like that would be the most efficient way to get everything we need.

Sound like a good plan?

Edit: ignore next.OpenMRS for now… running some experiments!