Wiki For Open Web App Developers

For improving the wiki for “For Open Web App Developers” some questions I have are:

Do we need to only add information to the four subsections or should we add more subheadings as necessary?

Are there any specific examples that we should add to the examples subsections?

What kinds of OWA’s should we write about?

Is this an existing wiki page that you are improving?

Yes it is.

Are you aware of this? Documentation Forum 2019-03-5

Thank you for your response. Since I am a new member I am not aware of the documentation. Are there other pages to reference when updating the wiki for Open Web Apps?

@jwnasambu are you watching this?

cc: @mozzy

@samneupane Thanks for the notification. You can actually join the ongoing Documentation Forum @dkayiwa has mentioned .

We are currently communicating in this talk thread where we update our selves all the on going tasks .

Also you can register the above page in theDocumentation Forum Audit Form to be part of the tasks on going in the forum

for a little more informaton about OWAs you can look at this

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