Documentation Sprint-. New developer persona

am thinking we can ask the senior developer of openmrs to upload a new video on, coz the one that was made by rafal seems old now and the interfaces have been changed and upgraded

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thats right cliff

Now i was going through the Developer’s manual in the section Creating your first module

. The exampe given is based on the Legacy UI , but since we are now shifting more to the UI framework … i would suggest we direct all our new developers to using the UI framework , rather tha the legacy UI. in this i mean is it fine that the Example of creating a your first module be updated to be using the UI frame work intead of the Legacy UI ?? @cc @dkayiwa @tendomart @samuel34 @ruhanga @darius

Did you take a look at this?

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thanks @dkayiwa. its about building an OWA

@cintiadr are some confluence pages restricted from edit privilege.

Just seen a few outdated / unsupported things at which need to be kicked off the wiki .But i had no edit option.

Thank you @tendomart , you may want to note this page and others that fall under the same category down here so they do not block progress.


@ruhanga Thanks for the redirection.

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thanks @ruhanga

Yes, that space is restricted due to security concerns.

If you make a helpdesk ticket explaining exactly that unsupported and outdated, we’ll have someone taking a look. Otherwise we cannot guess.

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Thanks alot.

Hello team , hope your all doing fine. Any updates on what each one of us has been doing as per the documentation??

i have been going through the OWA documents and i plan to start updating the “create your first module” to use an OWA UI using javascript and html rather than jsps

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Hello friends, thanks for the good work you are doing. Just a follow up! how far with the process? any blocker? if any feel free to reach out to community for help.

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@dkayiwa i made a PR to improve the develper manual

i improved the “create your first module example” to include “test units and updating the file”

cc @ruhanga @tendomart

@mozzy thanks ,I left some comments on your PR

thanks @tendomart, let me work on the comments

@tendomart i have worked on the comments

hello @tendomart and @ruhanga, i instead just created a Fresh PR , for the above commits. the issue i had previously worked a ticket to improve the “developers guide” , and the PR was merged . so i had first appended more commits , but now i have created a fresh PR just for the documentation Forum . here but they are the same commits

i think the PR i made , will make internationalisation more clear for new developers like here Help me to understand this code "<openmrs:message code="general.description"/>"

cc @dkayiwa