Who owns OpenMRS organization in LinkedIn?

Does anyone know who owns the OpenMRS company within LinkedIn? It needs some attention. @akanter gave me edit access to the OpenMRS group on LinkedIn, but I haven’t been able to get admin access to the OpenMRS company.

Any help would be appreciated.

-Burke :burke:

/cc @jeffneiman @paul

Not me :slight_smile: sorry, Burke.

I believe it was created and therefore ‘owned’ by Michael Downey. He is the sole individual that can grant admin access to the company.

Does someone feel comfortable reaching out to Michael and asking that he transfer the LinkedIn account?

I do. I will reach out to him.

Hi @burke @jennifer,

Does openmrs have a company page on linkedin? I don’t think it exists anymore. Given the case, will we be making one?


Good catch, @reubenv. We still have the OpenMRS group that @akanter created on LinkedIn. It appears the OpenMRS company page has now been disabled, so @jennifer could send a request to claim it.


its recliamed back

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@mozzy, could you give me admin rights? there are some settings that need to be fixed.

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Hi @burke , it should be @jennifer with the full Administration rights now

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