Where did "convert to wiki post" option go?


I used to be able to convert posts to wiki posts. I wanted to do this for @jdegraft’s Reference Application 2.4 Release Management post, but couldn’t find the option. I thought it was under the post tools (ellipsis > gear), but I only see “Rebuild HTML” as an option now.

I thought maybe my Talk privileges had been revoked, but I don’t even see the option on my own posts. :confused: I can see some existing wiki posts, so I know it’s still possible in Talk.

-Burke :burke:

It looks like this might be a regression bug … investigating.

Thanks for finding this. It was a regression of sorts, the feature was moved to a button of its own so we had to add it to our row of buttons below posts.

As a reminder, admins/mods can wiki-fy any posts, and everyone who’s earned the “Regular” badge can wiki-fy their own posts.

Yay! Wiki posts are back, Baby!

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