Please increase user mention limit


I saw & appreciate your post:

But given the lack of any response (except several likes), could we increase our current limit from 10 to 20? Talk has proven a very useful tool for organizing releases, but today I was prevented from saving the current state of modules for 2.4 because more than 10 devs are involved in the process (I had to unmention @mseaton as mseaton before I could save the post). Increasing the limit from 10 to 20 would hopefully avoid the problem until/unless Discourse adds your feature suggestion.


-Burke :burke:

I’m not opposed to increasing the limit if useful, however, the topic in question is already very messy with multiple conversations. Part of the intention of the user limit is to keep a topic’s scope of conversation constrained. (Keep in mind that Discourse is not designed to be used as a project status tracking tool, but rather a tool for threaded discussions.)

If discussions are necessary for each of those components/modules for the release, it would be much less confusing for readers to create a separate topic for each component of a release (and tagged with a common release number tag, e.g., “openmrs-2.3-release”) rather than trying to track the status of 39 (!!) different sub-projects in a single topic. Topics can be marked closed once resolved, and then a tag listing can be used to quickly determine the status of each.

Would you be opposed to trying that approach for a release and see how it goes?

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Personally I like to be able to go to a single page and see the status of everything. I would definitely not want to see 39 talk topics.

Perhaps this should be a wiki page instead of a Talk topic (I don’t know why Maurya did this in Talk for OpenMRS 2.2).


This isn’t about project status tracking. It’s about coordinating a discussion about what’s left to be done. Conversations about specific issues can (and do) happen elsewhere (in other Talk topics or on IRC), but the original “email” notification can be updated as we make progress and, as @darius points out, serves as a nice overview. It worked well when Maurya did it and that’s why we did it again. Using separate topics for every module wouldn’t provide the instant overview. It’s also meant to coordinate & generate discussion during the release process (not documentation about the release itself).

While a summary could be done on a wiki page, wiki pages are far clumsier, especially with slow page loads and captchas for every change.

Can we please increase the mention limit? This isn’t the only time I’ve run into it.

FYI, I’m about to break that release topic into separate topics, because it’s impossible for a mortal to follow the threading with so many discussions.

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Please do not do this.

For myself, primarily reading this thread via email, it is much better as-is than it would be if you broke it up.

Ditto. If Tharunya is getting lost, that’s a problem… but I don’t believe that’s the case. A single topic provides a single spot for people to check in and to easily follow any updates. Splitting it up would defeat that benefit. Much like an IRC channel, the only thing that really matters is the original post (kept up to date by Tharunya) and any new comment. Nobody is expected to read the entire thread any more than anyone is expected to read IRC logs.

If you are earger to split up a thread based on size, split up the “Introduce yourself” thread. :wink:

Oooh. +1000 for “wiki topic”. That’s exactly what we needed. :smile:

Discourse rocks!

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@Michael, a limit of 10 mentions is preventing me from including all modules owners in the post.

How can I go around this limit?

@michael, please increase the user mention limit.