Where are the newer modules?

Hi! I am trying to add modules to a new instance of OpenMRS 1.11.7 and some modules are asking for other dependent modules that I am unable to find on the repo under https://modules.openmrs.org. For example, when trying to start EMR API module, it says it needs org.openmrs.event 2.5 but I can only find version 2.4 in the repo. Where can I find the latest versions?

you might find the latest releases in the github repo of the module. you can get the latest snapshot version of the module by cloning the module locally and running mvn clean install. :slight_smile:

@eddiemu unfortunately there’s a bug in our module repository that is preventing us from giving more people permissions to upload new module versions. So sometimes the newest version is only released to our maven repository.

To search in maven:

  1. Go to http://mavenrepo.openmrs.org
  2. Search for “moduleid-omod” or “moduleid-omod-version”
    • in this case “event-omod-2.5”
  3. Download the file named “(moduleId)-omod-(version).jar” and rename this to “(moduleId)-(version).omod”
    • in this case download “event-omod-2.5.jar” and rename it to “event-2.5.omod”

In the medium term we hope to address this issue by replacing modules.openmrs.org with a new tool. Anyone who wants to follow the status of this can do so here.

@dkayiwa, I know that you’re the one most affected by releasing new module versions and not being able to upload them, and when this happens you typically post a message saying so. In practice, this hasn’t been working out well, I think because no individual person is assigned to action this. I propose that instead of this (or in addition) each time it happens you add this to a shared document (e.g. a new google sheet), and weekly on our PM call we can ensure that all of these things get addressed.