What is our Platform Release Process supposed to be?

Continuing the discussion from Maintenance Release of OpenMRS Platform 2.0.4: I’m trying to pick up where @sravanthi17 left off, and I’m blocked because the pieces don’t fit together as I would expect.

(Background: I’m releasing as because of a mistake in the platform build.)

As I understand it, I need to:

  1. Release openmrs-core
  2. Release the platform distro (adding on the bundled modules)
  3. Build the standalone

First, I released openmrs-core, using this CI plan: https://ci.openmrs.org/browse/TRUNK-OC2-159

Then I released openmrs-distro-platform, using this CI plan: https://ci.openmrs.org/browse/OP-OP2-18. Unfortunately, this build does not deploy a WAR file to maven. (But I can check out that tag locally and build it.)

Next, the standalone…there are a couple problems here that make me think I need to go off-instructions:

  1. it fetches the WAR from maven group:org.openmrs.web artifact:openmrs-webapp (in other words it fetches the openmrs-core build, not the openmrs-distro-platform build (whose WAR isn’t deployed to maven anyway)
  2. the instructions mention updating CIEL after running mvn package, which seems wrong

Am I correct that the correct steps are as follows?

  1. update CIEL
  2. run the build
  3. unzip, manually put in the distro’s WAR and re-zip

It looks like the openmrs-distro-platform has changed of late. The last time i used it, it would deploy the war file in my local maven repository such that on building the standalone, it used the deployed war file that has the bundled modules.