Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

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(Kevin Xu) #1873

Hey Everyone, my name’s Kevin and I’m 16 years old. I’ve recently picked up programming ,specifically in Java as a hobby and have had fun creating projects that I can apply in the world around me. I’ve had some experience working on clinical research trials through an internship and am extremely excited to contribute to OpenMRS through GCI.

(rakib bd) #1874

Welcome @kevinx .

(dinesh gupta) #1875

hello everyone dinesh gupta is here. Iam very grateful to have family.the opportunity to be the part of OPENMRS . This year i have participated in GCI and this is my first task on which im doing . Really its a very good experience for me.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1876

Welcome to the community and we wish you luck

(Zach Russell) #1877

Hello I am Zach Russell a computer science student in Texas. This is my first year participating in google code in and so far I’ve learned that it is very hard to get a design accepted by the task mentors! I hope openMRS can support me through my highs cool learning and entry into the workforce.

(Abdulwasiu B. Popoola) #1878

Hello all. I am @waga from Nigeria. I am a healthcare worker with passion for the use of technology in medical practice particularly in Africa. I have a dream of helping out in my own little way to achieve this. Currently I am working on implementing Openmrs in a facility which is a University Health Centre.

I am however a noob but with a ravid and infective passion to learn. I never get tired of learning new concepts in coding. I hope to have a wonderful time while here as a member of the Openmrs community. Thanks

(Rahul Arora) #1879

Hello everyone, I’m Rahul Arora currently completing my secondary education. I have participated in GCI 2018 and decided to do tasks of OpenMRS. The interesting fact about GCI that I thought was the diversity of tasks and opportunities that encourages the participants and mentors to do more. I participated in GCI last year and did very few tasks of OpenMRS, Haiku and FOSSASIA. I expect a better community from OpenMRS so that more and more youngsters can collaborate their work.

(Aditya Bisht) #1880

Hey guys this is Aditya Bisht from India I am currently in 12th class. I have participated in Google code-in 2018 and this is the first time that I have participated in any coding or open software competition. Honestly I think openMRS is a brilliant organisation and the tasks put up by the mentors are very intriguing. I like the fact that they have provided us options using different languages such as java, java script and Python. Looking forward for a two way communication with the contestants as well as mentors. Enjoying myself here… CHEERS FELLAS :slight_smile:

(Aditya Bisht) #1881

Is there any mentor online to review my task?

(Vansh Sharma) #1882

Hi everyone, I am Vansh Sharma nicknamed Programmr. I am a GCI 2018 participant and chooses OPENMRS as an organisation to work on. Actually I am from India. My aim is to become a software developer at Google. Thanks

(Sanjali Ekanayake) #1883

Yes sure thanx…

(Sanjali Ekanayake) #1884

The world is a miracle.God has created super genius guys who’ll enlighten all the world as well as heaven…:earth_asia::earth_asia::fairy::fairy:

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1885

@sanjali, @rahularora, @waga and @zachrussellll you are all welcome to openmrs community and we look forward for your contribution.

(Abdulwasiu B. Popoola) #1886

Thank you. It’s a pleasure being here and using Openmrs. Can’t seem to get enough of exploring it’s features

(Mirza Mazhar Baig) #1887

Hi, I’m Mirza Mazhar Baig, a First year undergraduate student from Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan.This year I am hoping to contribute to OpenMRS as my GCI 2018 project. This is a new experience for me as I have nothing in open source development before and I hope that I’ll be of use to the OpenMRS community.My interests include Graphic designing and I like to take part in different Graphic competitions in my free time. In addition I also like to Learn coding but i know nothing about coding at this stage.

(Irene Nyakate) #1888

@mazharbaig you are welcome to this big and interesting community, we look forward to your contribution. You may look at this for starters and also have a glance at this project. cheers :slight_smile:

(John Adeniran) #1889

Hi, everyone! I hope you all are doing well today. My name is John Adeniran and I’m a senior computer science major at Dickinson College, who’s working with a team of four to contribute to OpenMRS (in some capacity) as a part of our seminar. I’m excited to be working with all of you!

OpenMRS Developers Examination
(Juliet Wamalwa) #1890

Welcome to the community click here to get started.

(Tanush Guha) #1891

Hi everyone. I am Tanush and I am in Class 9th. I am participating in Google Code-in for the first time & I find OpenMRS to be an interesting organization and I love the previous tasks. I hope that I can help OpenMRS through this competition & also in the future. I aspire to know more about OSS & the OSS community, as I am a complete noob in that field. Once again, thanks for welcoming me!

(Nguyen Nhi) #1892

Hello, I am Nhi. Very thankful to have the opportunities to be part of OpenMRS family. Love meeting people around the world.